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Experimental Design and Research in Psychology

Experimental Design and Research in Psychology

December 2050 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Experimental Design and Research in Psychology is an introductory guide to doing an applied research project in psychology. The author guides instructors and students through each stage of the process from conceptualization through dissemination by presenting the essential concepts, step by step, with frequent opportunities for assessment and reinforcement through practice and application. The book and accompanying website cover the entire process for beginner researcher and include continuous support for the use of SPSS.

The book guides readers through:

- Selecting your topic

- Reviewing the literature

- Developing a hypothesis

- Using SPSS to analyse your data

- Writing up your research

The text serves as a core text for instructors teaching applied research to psychology students, at undergraduate and postgraduate level. For students, it's the essential guide to succeeding in your psychology research project.

Topic Selection  
Writing the Introduction and Background Sections
Review of the Literature  
Developing the Hypothesis(es)  
Writing the Methods Section
Human Subjects in Research  
Standardized Measures  
Sample and Sampling  
Statistical Analysis  
Writing the Results Section
Introduction to SPSS - Overview  
Basic Entry Steps - SPSS Module 1  
Manipulating Variables - SPSS Module 2  
Descriptive Statistics - SPSS Module 3  
Correlational Analysis - SPSS Module 4  
Chi-square / Crosstabs - SPSS Module 5  
t test and ANOVA - SPSS Module 6  
Writing the Discussion Section
Instructor's Supplements
Sample Syllabus  
Sample Exercises  

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