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Essentials of Nursing Practice

Essentials of Nursing Practice

Third Edition
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April 2022 | 848 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Delivering knowledge, theory and skills for the NMC Future Nurse curriculum.

This definitive textbook introduces the core topics and essential information that every nursing student will need to master during their degree. Written by a diverse team of nursing educators from around the UK, with input from patients, practitioners and students, the book delivers a complete solution that challenges modern nursing practice and prepares students for the changing health needs of communities and individuals.

Key features:

  • Adopts a values-based and person-centred approach to nursing
  • Modelled on the NMC Standards providing full coverage of the core curriculum
  • Real-life ‘voices’ and experiences from patients, students and practitioners bring the subject to life
  • Includes active learning features that develop graduate nursing skills such as critical thinking, reflection and evidence-based practice

Lecturers and educators can also access a collection of exclusive teaching materials including presentation slides for each chapter, hundreds of multiple choice and short-form questions, guided case studies as well as recommendations for video-based activities with assignable questions.

Part A: Learning to be a Nurse
Catherine Delves-Yates, Karen Elcock, Carol Hall, Ruth Northway and Steve Trenoweth
Chapter 1. What is Nursing and What is a Nurse?
Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 2. Being a Nursing Student
Gabrielle Thorpe
Chapter 3. Reflection and Evidence-based Practice
Gabrielle Thorpe
Chapter 4. Academic Writing and Assessment
Part B: Professional Practice
Ruth Northway and Ian Beech
Chapter 5. Ethics
Graham Avery updated by Marc Cornock
Chapter 6. Law
Karen Elcock
Chapter 7. Accountability and Professionalism
E. Jane Blowers
Chapter 8. Resilience
Nickey Rooke and Jacqueline Phillips
Chapter 9. Becoming a Change Agent
Part C: Fundamentals of Nursing Care
Fiona Everett and Wendy Wright
Chapter 10. Delivering Effective Care
Carol Hall
Chapter 11. Introduction to Nursing Theory
Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 12. Value-based, Person-or family-centred Care
Katrina Emerson and Ruth Northway
Chapter 13. Patient, Service User, Family and Carer Perspectives
Rebeckah Hill
Chapter 14. Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (Apie): The Process of Nursing
Karen Elcock and Kimberley Byrnes
Chapter 15. Core Communication Skills
Steve Trenoweth and Sue Baron
Chapter 16. Communication and Interpersonal Skills in Challenging Circumstances
Melanie Fisher and Margaret Scott updated by Karen Elcock
Chapter 17. Ensuring Quality and Effective Management of Risk
Jill Barnes and Robert Jenkins updated by Claire Brockwell
Chapter 18. Record Keeping and Documentation
Gemma Hurley
Chapter 19. Clinical Decision-making
Katie Mclaughlin
Chapter 20. Safeguarding
Charlene Lobo, Daryl Evans and Helen Walker updated by Coralie Roll
Chapter 21. Promoting Health
Part D: Skills for Nursing Care
Rose Gallagher
Chapter 22. Infection Prevention and Control
Rose Gallagher
Chapter 23. Aseptic Technique and Specimen Collection
Caroline Dobson and Trevor Simpson
Chapter 24. Clinical Measurement
Ann Kettyle
Chapter 25. Pain Management
Alexandra Carlin
Chapter 26. Skin Integrity
Michelle O'Reilly and David Best
Chapter 27. Safe Movement of People
Sara Morgan
Chapter 28. Emergency Care
Carol Hall updated by Christina Roulston
Chapter 29. Medicines Administration
Kate Goodhand and Jane Ewen
Chapter 30. Assisting People with their Nutritional Needs
Mairead Collie and David J. Hunter
Chapter 31. Assisting People with their Elimination Needs
Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 32. Assisting People with their Hygiene Needs
Maria Parry
Chapter 33. Care after Death
Part E: Context of Nursing Care
Siobhan McCullough
Chapter 34. Introduction to the Organisation and Settings of Care
Hanneke Wiltjer
Chapter 35. Introduction to Interprofessional Working
Janet Ramjeet Updated by Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 36. Introduction to the Psychological Context of Nursing
Ruth Northway
Chapter 37. Introduction to the Sociological Context of Nursing
Charlene Lobo Updated by Coralie Roll
Chapter 38. Introduction to Public Health
Siobhan McCullough
Chapter 39. Introduction to Health Policy and the Political Context of Nursing
Catherine Delves-Yates
Chapter 40. Introduction to the Global Context of Nursing

I think this book is excellent - I can’t wait to purchase a copy. It's everything a student nurse could need all in one place, a one-stop shop for orientation to the world of nursing.

It seems to cover everything a student would want to know. The case studies are great and I was especially pleased to see learning disabilities so prominently, and family-centred case studies. The activities are excellent and I can imagine lecturers buying this book and adapting them for classroom discussion too.

Lucy Kirkham
Principal Lecturer in Adult Nursing, Department of Nursing and Midwifery, Sheffield Hallam University

This book has everything that we want to convey to our student nurses as a good foundation of knowledge on which to build throughout their course. It is a useful guide to our profession, the values, skills and knowledge we possess. The case studies are good to encourage critical thinking and the chapter summaries, activities, glossaries etc are great to bring each chapter to a close and for the student to reflect on what has been learnt.

Sera Manning
Adult Nursing Lecturer, School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University

Very useful and detailed book on the essentials of nursing practice

Mr Tim Garner
Nursing, BPP University (Waterloo Campus)
March 12, 2024

As the title suggests - essentials of nursing practice. Every student should refer to this book for their firm basic knowledge growth. Highly recommend if for those who are in critical care.

Ms Vaishali Kale
Department of Adult Nursing, Bucks New University
October 15, 2023

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and using it to prepare for a unit that I am currently teaching on (Nursing theory and application). It is a very detailed book which is easy to follow. I like that there are case studies included and also suggested activities, some which I am planning on using. I feel it is also inspiring and in this current climate, will help students with their passion for caring. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book to my students and I shall make sure that it is added to our reading list.

Miss Jennifer Butler
Adult Nursing, Bournemouth University
September 28, 2023

clear structure, easy to access

Mrs fiona girling
Nursing, Hull University
May 22, 2023

It is an easy read and does what it says in the title - gives the essentials of nursing practice. It is ideal for those students going into placement.

Mrs Julie Ann Knowles
Health, Dudley College
May 9, 2023

Students find the use of case studies and step by step instructions for skills easy to follow.

Mrs Maipe Dube
Nursing and Health Studies Department, Huddersfield University
February 28, 2023

Moved to a new university. Will consider adoption on courses there as the content was relevant and accessible.

Dr Seren Roberts
School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University
July 22, 2022

A comprehensive core text for nursing students

Mx Morag Monedero fallows
Health and Community Studies, Leeds Beckett University
June 17, 2022

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