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Essentials of Health Promotion

Essentials of Health Promotion

First Edition

October 2021 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A complete one-stop-shop for any student of health promotion.  

How to improve and protect public health is one of the biggest questions facing the 21st century and this book exists to help tackle it head on. Setting out the What, Why, When, Who, Where and How of health promotion across 20 bite-sized chapters. It explores the full range of theories, context and strategies that influence contemporary health promotion. 

Key features:

Comprehensive coverage: all facets of health promotion introduced and explained

Combines the theoretical with the practical: knowledge blended with the key skills and attributes needed for effective health promotion

Extensive range of global case studies: read about the enormous range of possibilities and creative ways health promotion can be achieved

This is the ideal textbook for any undergraduate or pre-registration student starting their health promotion or public health journey. It  provides a complete package of information that will lay the groundwork for your learning and future practice and will help you succeed with assignments, essays and exams.

Chapter 1 - What is ‘health’?
Chapter 2 - Health promotion: an historical overview
Chapter 3 - Health Promotion Approaches
Chapter 4 - The role of health promotion in tackling contemporary health challenges
Chapter 5 - Inequalities in health
Chapter 6 - The importance of health promotion values
Chapter 7 - Assessing Health Needs: Principles and Practice
Chapter 8 - Valuing Lay Perspectives
Chapter 9 - Understanding epidemiology and health profiling
Chapter 10 - The role of the individual
Chapter 11 - The role of the state
Chapter 12 - Partnership working
Chapter 13 - Settings approach: overarching theory
Chapter 14 - Healthy settings in action
Chapter 15 - Virtual settings for health
Chapter 16 - Professional competencies and core skills
Chapter 17 - Searching and appraising the evidence
Chapter 18 - Planning and designing health promotion programmes
Chapter 19 - Health promotion research and evaluation
Chapter 20 - Communicating effectively

An invaluable text for pre-registration or undergraduate students. It includes key health promotion theory, roles and excellent case studies. Very accessible and easy to read. Written by international experts.

Dr Michael C Watson
Trustee of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education

Update resources for student nurses

Mrs angela walsh
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
November 14, 2022

lots of competition in this area

Mrs Angela Rose Woodley
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
May 25, 2022

Valuable book with lots of up to date information. Excellent diagrams and images throughout to support text. Good questions to check learning also

Professor Lucy May
Science, Basingstoke College of Technology
March 10, 2023

This text offers students a detailed but accessible overview of the key elements of health promotion. The inclusion of examples and case studies brings the theory to life.

Ms Lesley Andrews
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
August 8, 2022

Good reference book for health promotion

Miss Elizabeth Jane Cotter
Nursing and Applied Clinical Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
April 27, 2022

Relevant to the module.

Mrs Jane Fisher
School of Nursing and Caring Sciences, University of Central Lancashire
October 1, 2022

There are many textbooks on health promotion and they all seem to take a different approach. This book is right for the approach we take in our module on health promotion and I have used it for my level 3 Health T level students also.

Ms wendy askam
Health, Cardinal Newman College
December 17, 2021

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