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Environment & Planning Package: A + C + D + E –24 issues

Environment & Planning Package: A + C + D + E –24 issues

Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space and Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space journals are sold as a package.

· Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
is a pluralist and heterodox journal of economic research, principally concerned with questions of urban and regional restructuring, globalization, inequality, and uneven development.

· Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space is a research-driven, fully refereed international journal that seeks to advance scholarly debates on the governance of a wide range of issues which sit at the interface between the economy, society, and the environment. It welcomes papers which address the most important theoretical, methodological, and/or empirical aspects of these issues, often from a multidisciplinary perspective.

· Environment and Planning D: Society and Space is an international and interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for the discussion of the mutually constitutive relation between the social and the spatial. It seeks to be philosophically sophisticated, to be practically relevant, and to concretely theorise a range of contemporary, historical, political, and cultural contexts.

· Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space is an interdisciplinary journal of nature-society scholarship. International in scope, the journal welcomes theoretically robust, empirically rich research from an array of fields including political ecology, environmental justice, science and technology studies, conservation and the environmental humanities. The journal proposes to push the ways we understand the uneven, dynamic, and often unjust intersections of nature and space with particular interest in their societal, political, and economic dimensions.

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