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Early Literacy For Under-Fives

Early Literacy For Under-Fives

First Edition

January 2024 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Embracing a multi-modal approach to early literacy, this textbook supports students as aspiring early years professionals with their understanding of early reading for under-fives and the critical links to language, literacy, and learning. This book looks at early literacy in all its forms including mark-making, sharing stories, making music and covers the breadth of literacy learning opportunities that take place outdoors and in museums, art galleries and more. With chapters on phonics, the deficit model, digital literacies and storytelling, this book is packed with everything you need to support you on your degree and help you to develop into a literacy advocate for under-fives.

This key text features individual chapter overviews that enable you to review and rethink, activities that bring theory into practice, and engaging case studies to provoke deeper thought. With reflection points, and 'review and rethinking pedagogy' sections, this interactive book emphasises the importance of engaging young children with early literacy activities.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Early Reading – What This Is
Chapter 3: Early Reading – What This Is Not
Chapter 4: Understanding Early Reading in a Wider Literacy Context
Chapter 5: Early Reading and Phonics: Systematic Synthetic Phonics
Chapter 6: The Deficit Model of Reading and Literacy
Chapter 7: Being a ‘Reading’ Professional and a Literacy Advocate for Under-Fives
Chapter 8: Language and Literacy – the Bigger Picture
Chapter 9: Digital Literacies and Multi-Modality
Chapter 10: Storytelling, not ‘Herding Sheep’
Chapter 11: Taking the Lead on ‘Literacy’ for Under-Fives
Chapter 12: Final Thoughts

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