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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education
Current realities and future priorities

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February 2023 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book provides an overview of current practice, policy, and research in early childhood education across the UK. It brings together chapters on all core aspects of early years education and spotlighting vital new areas - each written by established and emerging stars in the field. 

Each chapter features:

•            an overview of research in the field

•            critiques of relevant policy

•            examples from current practice

•            an agenda for the future

•            suggestions for further reading and resources.

This text is an accessible and comprehensive read for students and practitioners in the early years sector alike.

Cathy Nutbrown is Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield and President of Early Education

Nancy Stewart, Kierna Corr, and Julia Henderson
The Centrality of Play in Early Childhood
Verity Campbell-Barr and Sasha Tregenza-May
Early Years Curriculum: Past, Present and Future Trajectories
Sue Allingham and Nicola Brinning
Understanding Young Children’s Learning Through Observation And Assessment: Homing In On Fascinations
Alison Featherbe, Louise Lloyd-Evans, and Helen Moylett
Developing A Culture of Sustainability in Early Childhood Education
Elizabeth Henderson, Emma Gordon, Helen McKinnon, Jacqueline Bremner, and Maggie MacDonald
A Grassroots Approach To Developing Early Years Outdoor Experiences: Building A Community Of Practice
Cathy Nutbrown and Becky Cook
Working With Families To Support Young Children’s Learning
Aline-Wendy Dunlop, Lisa Barnes, and Myra McRobbie
Transitions In Early Childhood Education And Care, Across Time And Day To Day: A Scottish Perspective
Jan Georgeson, Helen Adams, Emma Short, and Kate Ullman
Inclusive Education For Young Children With Special Educational Needs And Disabilities: Multiple Perspectives
Stella Louis, Sally Cave, and Nazma Meah
Race, Anti-Discrimination, And Work To Combat The Effects Of Discrimination On Early Years Practitioners And Children
Shaddai Tembo and Fifi Benham
Gender and LGBTQ+ Inclusive Practice in Early Childhood
Kathy Sylva and Lesley Curtis
Combatting The Effects Of Poverty On The Outcomes Of Young Children And Their Families: The Role Of Children’s Centres
Nathan Archer and David Yates
The Early Years Workforce: Roles, Qualifications, And Experiences
Elizabeth Wood, Louise Kay, and Jessica Travers
Leadership in Early Childhood Education
Cathy Nutbrown and Beatrice Merrick
An Agenda For The Future Of Early Childhood Education

This text outlines key issues in EYs which are linked to the teaching module and will be useful reading to extend students' knowledge base.

Ms susan Gunn
Centre For Early Childhood, Worcester University
September 17, 2023

This is a very accessible book which c

Miss Rebecca Thistle
education and health, Greenwich University
July 27, 2023

This text has chapters which covers a number of significant areas relating to early Childhood, in particular, aspects of sustainability, community and working with families. The latest perspectives are covered and there are useful questions and challenges to practice as well as links to additional reading and resources which will support both UG and PG students

Mrs Julie Kent
School of Education (Clifton), Nottingham Trent University
July 19, 2023

An easy to read and engage with resource for student, expanding their thinking and supporting their understanding

Miss Louise Stafford
Department of Education, Oxford Brookes University
August 1, 2023

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