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Early Childbearing

Early Childbearing
Perspectives of Black Adolescents on Pregnancy, Abortion and Contraception

Volume: 192
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Family Life Education

January 1994 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The challenge of reaching teenagers before an unintended pregnancy occurs is particularly pertinent when considering unmarried teenagers from disadvantaged circumstances: while the incidence of teenage pregnancy increases, resources to assist adolescents in both child care and employment are lacking.

This volume presents a thorough and sensitive exploration of the topic of sexually active teenagers and the factors involved in their decisions about contraception, abortion and childbearing. The authors conducted their research among African Americans, aged from 13 to 17, living in deprived, urban areas. They describe the teenagers' attitudes about childbearing relative to other goals and perceived attitudes of family and friends; they conclude that pregnancy is seen as a choice based on perceptions of childbearing in the psychosocial context of their lives.

Studying the Problem of Teenage Pregnancy
Risking Pregnancy
Avoidance, Ignorance, and Delay of Contraceptive Use  
Wanting Pregnancy
Teenager's Attitudes, Goals, and Perceived Support  
Choosing Abortion or Delivery
Influences and Outcomes  
Avoiding Childbearing
Teenagers Who Terminated a First Pregnancy Compared to Never-Pregnant Peers  
Pregnancies After Study Enrollment
`Pregnant Because They are Different or Different Because They are Pregnant?'  
Family Involvement in Preventing Early Teenage Childbearing
Male Teenagers and Contraception
Conclusions and Recommendations

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