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Doing Digital Methods

Doing Digital Methods

Second Edition
  • Richard Rogers - University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, University of Amsterdam

December 2023 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How do you use social media platforms, search engines, and other forms of digital media to explore the key issues of our time? With this second edition, learn how to use the latest advancements in digital methods to answer your pressing research questions. 

The new edition includes: 
  • A new chapter on critical social media research, 
  • Tips for analysing content on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and more, 
  • Exploration of Google critique and algorithmic auditing,
  • Examination of YouTube's content removal politics and Facebook's 'fake news' problem. 
Whether you are new to digital research or are exploring a new platform, this book equips you with tools to navigate the evolving digital landscape and conduct rigorous studies in the digital age.
Part I: Beginning Digital Methods
Chapter 1: Positioning digital methods
Chapter 2: Starting with query design
Chapter 3: Preparing for critical social media research
Part II: Doing Digital Methods
Chapter4: Website history: Screencast documentaries with the Internet Archive
Chapter 5: Google critique: Auditing search engines
Chapter 6: Search as research: Repurposing Google
Chapter 7: Cultural points of view: Comparing Wikipedia language versions
Chapter 8: YouTube teardown: Deconstructing recommendations
Chapter 9: Platform and Facebook studies: Identifying engaging content
Chapter 10: Twitter as story-telling machine: Following events
Chapter 11: Visual media analysis for Instagram and other online platforms
Chapter 12: Cross-platform analysis: Co-linked, inter-liked and cross-hashtagged content
Chapter 13: TikTok as mimetic infrastructure: Studying imitation
Chapter 14: Tracker analysis: Detection techniques for data journalism research
Chapter 15: Summarizing digital methods

Digital Methods enabled a wave of research in the cultural dynamics of contemporary network society. With this new edition, Richard Rogers brings Digital Methods to the new emerging platforms that are reshaping our digital lives. With multiple platform-specific cases and examples, ‘Doing Digital Methods’ remains a fundamental resource for both practitioners and students.

Luca Rossi
IT University of Copenhagen

Doing Digital Methods is a comprehensive guide to the practical techniques of digital methods with an emphasis on the critical evaluation of the growing use of online social data for research. Updated with chapters on Instagram and TikTok, Rogers provides an essential book for those seeking to navigate the intricacies of digital research methods.

Michael Zimmer

How does one study rather than chase after a medium that is constantly evolving? Doing Digital Methods is a must read, indispensable, and invaluable guide for those researching the socio-cultural internet. Inspired and forward thinking.

Zizi Papacharissi

Doing Digital Methods is a foundational guide for understanding how the digital has become a pivotal landscape for empirical exploration. From Google Search results to videos on TikTok’s For You Page, Rogers develops the reader’s ability to recognize digital artifacts and data as meaningful outputs for humanities and social science research.

Stefanie Duguay

This is an excellent and long overdue book on current research practice involving digital media. The new chapter on 'preparing for critical social research' is a brilliant addition to further refine researcher expertise.

Atuyla Saxena

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