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Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization

Fifth Edition
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March 2019 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Concise and unintimidating, the fifth edition of this bestselling book is the only pragmatic, quick-start guide to the main theories, issues, and approaches to insider action research.

With an encouraging and approachable tone, David is the perfect mentor for anyone conducting action research in their own organization. Calming nerves at the same time as building confidence, he helps readers devise an appropriate research design that anticipates possible challenges and fits within the limits of their environments.

A complete do-it-yourself toolkit for every step of the action research process, this edition is outfitted with:

- Real-world student and professional case studies

- Author video tips

- Annotated templates

- Progress checklists

- Journal articles, weblinks, and other further reading.

To the point without losing clarity or thoroughness, this book the hands-on manual for all the need-to-know facts about understanding and undertaking insider action research.

Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1: Introducing Action Research
Chapter 2: Researching Your Own Organizations
Chapter 3: Knowing in Action
Chapter 4: Understanding Action Research
Part II: Issues and Challenges in Researching Your own Organization
Chapter 5: Preunderstanding, Role Duality and Access
Chapter 6: Managing Ethics and Organizational Politics
Part III: Implementation
Chapter 7: Constructing and Selecting Your Project
Chapter 8: Designing and Implementing Your Action Research Project
Chapter 9: Using Frameworks to Study Organizations in Action
Chapter 10: Interlevel Dynamics in Action Research
Chapter 11: Writing Up Your Insider Action Research Work
Chapter 12: In Conclusion

Clear and engaging, this updated and enhanced edition is essential reading for anyone interested in insider action research. It provides a comprehensive guide to the processes and challenges of action research, as well as helpful reflective exercises and recommended resources. I would highly recommend to students, novice researchers and academic supervisors of all disciplines.

Jane Jervis
Keele University

This seminal text about insider action research will guide and inspire readers through content, exercises and compelling practical examples. David writes with high integrity as he personifies how to be attentive, humble and responsible when inquiring with people into the organizational dynamics they want to change.

Danielle Zandee
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Grounded in research and thoughtful reflection, David Coghlan’s fifth edition of Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization offers an accessible new structure, and conceptual illustrations provide highly useful guidance that is well-tailored to the student’s own learning journey.

Birgit Helene Jevnaker
BI Norwegian Business School

The book is life-changing for me as a management practitioner and academic researcher.  It has led me to acquire the habit of reflection and consequently, depth in my analysis and practice. No other book could have guided me in this manner.

Cristine Margaret R. Atienza
President and Founder Institute for Integrality, Inc.

This book helped me to design my research module and provide practical examples of action research. I really like the way the author structure the information in the book.

Dr Evgenia Theodotou
CASS School of Education & Communities, University of East London
February 6, 2019

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