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Divided Europe

Divided Europe
Society and Territory

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November 1998 | 315 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The deepening social and territorial divisions within Europe are examined in this comprehensive and authoritative book.

Using a global perspective, the contributors argue that social and territorial cleavages are inextricably linked, and that only a detailed examination of economic, political and geographical differences can lead to a clearer understanding of the social tensions and inequalities that exist across Europe. Topics covered include: gender; age; social integration; citizenship; and migration and race in Europe's complex and changing territorial system.

Ray Hudson and Allan M Williams
Re-shaping Europe
The Challenge of New Divisions within a Homogenized Political-Economic Space

Ray Hudson
The New Economy of the New Europe
Eradicating Divisions or Creating New Forms of Uneven Development?

Adam Tickell
European Financial Integration and Uneven Development
Colin H Williams
Nationalism and Its Derivatives in Post-1989 Europe
Joe Painter
New Geographies of Democracy in Contemporary Europe
Russell King and Marco Donati
The `Divided' Mediterranean
Redefining European Relationships

Allan M Williams and Vladimir Balaz
Transformation and Division in Central Europe
Diane Perrons
Deconstructing the Maastricht Myth? Economic and Social Cohesion in Europe
Regional and Gender Dimensions of Inequality

Paul White
Ethnicity, Racialization and Citizenship as Divisive Elements in Europe
Anthony M Warnes
Divided Responses to an Ageing Population
Apocalyptic Demography, Ideology and Rational Social Administration

Lila Leontidou and Alex Afouxenidis
Boundaries of Social Exclusion in Europe
David Sadler
A Divided European Future?

`Following an excellent editorial introduction, the book is divided into four principle sections, successively examining the economic, political, spatial and social dimensions to this new geographical mediation of Europe. Issues addressed include uneven development, nationalism, gender, ethnicity, racialisation and citizenship and demography. The content is aimed primarily at an undergraduate readership and within certain constraints, includes a good range of accessible material written by acknowledged experts in their fields.' - Geography

`The book does cover a wide range of contempororary European geographical debates and it contains plenty of interesting arguments and original facts and figures that are inspiring for anyone dealing with the issue.' - European Planning Studies

`This book is a welcome addition to the academic debate on Europe. Rather than discussing Europe in terms of integration and harmonization, this volume in concerned with the causes and consequences of present divisions. It is organized into four main sections - economic, political, spacial and social- which gives a variety of perspectives on the theme in question' - Regional and Federal Studies

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