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Disaster Management in India

Disaster Management in India

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July 2020 | 384 pages | SAGE Texts
A comprehensive and contextual text that examines the manifold strategies of managing both natural and manmade disasters in India.

Disaster Management in India
 critically evaluates the various policies, plans, structures, institutions, processes as well as functionaries that work towards managing disasters in the country. It seeks to provoke its readers to not only revisit the entire discourse of disasters and their management, but also develop a sense of disaster resilience in their lives and effectively deal with any unwarranted natural or manmade eventuality.

Key Features:

• Explores disaster management from an interdisciplinary perspective

• Detailed analysis of various theoretical underpinnings necessary to understand the concept of disaster management

• Lucid explanation of ideas with tables, maps, flowcharts, appropriate examples and practice assignments
Part A: Understanding Disasters
Introduction to Disasters
Natural Disasters
Man-made Disasters
Contextualizing Disasters
Part B: Disaster Management: Concept and Context
Conceptualizing Disaster Management
Disaster Management Cycle
Global Thrust for Disaster Management
Evolution of Disaster Management System
Part C: Management of Disasters in India
Disaster Profile of India
Disaster Management Policy
Legal Framework
Disaster Mitigation: Institutional Arrangements
Financial and Federal Dimensions
Good Practices in Disaster Management
Part D: New Horizons of Disaster Management
Role of Science and Technology
Voluntary Action and Multilateral Cooperation
Innovations and Challenges in Managing Disasters
Towards a Disaster-resilient India
Managing a Biological Disaster: The Case of COVID-19 in India

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ISBN: 9789353883034