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Disability Studies

Disability Studies
A Student's Guide

Edited by:

December 2013 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This textbook brings together a wide range of expert voices from the field of disability studies and the disabled people's movement to tackle the essential topics relevant to this area of study. From the outset disability is discussed from a social model perspective, demonstrating how future practice and discourse could break down barriers and lead to more equal relationships for disabled people in everyday life.

An interdisciplinary and broad-ranging text, the book includes 50 chapters on topics relevant across health and social care. Reflective questions and suggestions for further reading throughout will help readers gain a critical appreciation of the subject and expand their knowledge.

This will be valuable reading for students and professionals across disability studies, health, nursing, social work, social care, social policy and sociology.

Tony Heaton
Colin Cameron
The Affirmation Model
Sarah Keyes
Colin Cameron
Laurence Clark
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Wai Yeen Peng
Colin Hambrook
Disability Arts
Colin Cameron
Disability Research
Colin Cameron and Michele Moore
Disability Studies
Colin Cameron
The Disabled People’s Movement
Colin Cameron
Nicola Martin
Education (Post-Compulsory)
Dawn Benson
Education (School)
Emmeline Burdett
Alison Wilde and Adele Hoskinson-Clark
Ana Bê
Feminist Disability Studies
Colin Cameron
Harassment and Hate Crime
Colin Cameron
The Historical Construction of Disability
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Florence Garabedian
Independent Living
Michele Moore
International Perspectives
Sarah Woodin
Rebecca Mallett and Jenny Slater
Colin Cameron
Media Representations
Colin Cameron
The Medical Model
Tanya Titchkosky and Rod Michalko
Larry Arnold
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Alan Roulstone
Colin Cameron
The Personal Tragedy Model
Toby Brandon
Donna Reeve
Psycho-Emotional Dimensions
Katherine Runswick-Cole and Dan Goodley
Joanne Brown
Rights and Legislation
Peter Beresford
Service Users' Organisations
Margrit Shildrick
Colin Cameron
The Social Model
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Colin Cameron
Rosaleen McDonagh
Traveller Identity
Bill Scott
Welfare Reform

This will be a very useful teaching resource. The coverage of the subject area is impressive and should provide valuable reading and provocation for students and lecturers.

Rachel Robbins
Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

This is a useful overview of key issues in disability studies. It is also written with a student audience in mind, which makes it accessible and engaging. It provides bite-sized chapters which give a flavour of a wide range of disability issues and acts as a signposting resource to support students to seek additional in depth information from other sources. There is a healthy link to interdisciplinary subjects throughout the chapters, which will effectively support students to consider disability from a broad range of perspectives and models. It almost acts as a useful glossary of core concepts related to disability studies.

Ms Lorraine Loveland-Armour
Department of Education, Newman University
May 12, 2017

Touches a number of issues dealt with during the course. Easy to ready for first time students of Disability Issues.

Ms Amy Camilleri Zahra
Social Work , University of Malta
September 14, 2016

A good reader for students undertaking disability issues courses. It covers a number of topics under disability issues.

Ms Amy Camilleri Zahra
Social Work , University of Malta
April 27, 2016

Text covers concisely key issues surrounding inclusion

Ms Susan Raven
Business, Burnley College
September 17, 2015

Very good selection of short chapters. Ideal for students gaining an introduction to a complex field.

David Saltiel
Nursing, School of Healthcare, Leeds University
July 6, 2015

An interesting read. Combines theory with relevant case studies to highlight the concept of disability and its complexity.

Dr Sindy Banga
School of Health, Northampton University
June 29, 2015

The chapter 'historical Construction of Disability' was excellent and fitted a discussion well.

Mrs Irene Scott
Faculty of Education (Parkgate), Chester University
March 5, 2015

Unusually organised alphabetically by topic, this is in itself a strength as students can use the short chapters as initial points of reference as well as for revision purposes. The 'further reading' at the end of each chapter take the reader to more substantial texts.
An ideal First Year text !

Dr Dominic Griffiths
Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
February 24, 2015

This text offers an insightful breadth of knowledge and exploration on the issues faced within the disability arena. The reflective questions are great to open up discussion in the classroom. A text for both students and academics to draw upon.

Mrs Liz Cade
Health , Glyndwr University
February 2, 2015

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