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Three Volume Set
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June 2004 | 1 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The study of diplomacy - in many respects the 'engine room' of international relations - has been marked by a revitalisation in recent years. This three-volume collection is the first to bring together the seminal writings in the field to provide a unique reference work on this essential institution for the conduct of international affairs.

The volumes include an introduction by Jönsson and Langhorne followed by sixty selections thematically organised across three volumes: Theory of Diplomacy, History of Diplomacy, and Problems and Issues in Contemporary Diplomacy.

The result is an unparalleled resource that combines broad coverage of the subject with both historical depth and contemporary relevance.

Volume 1: introduces and reviews classic and contemporary definitional questions surrounding the study of diplomacy and theories of the origin and functions of diplomacy.

Volume 2: reviews the evolution from 'Old' to 'New' diplomacy through more than three millennia. Contributions span key eras of diplomacy from the earliest diplomatic records through Renaissance Italy to the development of the European state system and the aftermath of war.

Volume 3: focuses on areas of change, continuity and challenge in the current context and practice of diplomacy. Contributions address the contending debates around a perceived decline or crisis of diplomacy on the one hand, and the emergence of new, non-state, actors, modes and means of contemporary diplomacy, on the other.

Series information:

The SAGE Library of International Relations is a new series of major works that will bring together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classical and contemporary, in a number of key areas of research and inquiry in International Relations.

Each multi-volume set will represent a collection of the essential published works collated from the foremost publications in the field by an Editor or Editorial Team of renowned international stature.

They will also include a full introduction, presenting a rationale for the selection and mapping out the discipline's past, present and likely future.

This series is designed to be a 'gold standard' for university libraries throughout the world with an interest in International Relations.

Maurice Keens-Soper
Fran[ci]cois de Calli[gr]eres and Diplomatic Theory
Ernest Satow
Diplomacy and The Language and Forms of Diplomatic Intercourse
Harold Nicolson
The Development of Diplomatic Theory
Hans J Morgenthau
Hedley Bull
Diplomacy and International Order
Iver B Neumann
The English School on Diplomacy
Colin Elman and Miriam Fendius Elman
Diplomatic History and International Relations Theory
Respecting Differences and Crossing Boundaries

Johan Galtung and Mari Holmbue Ruge
Patterns of Diplomacy
A Study of Recruitment and Career Patterns in Norwegian Diplomacy

Chadwick Alger and Steven J Brams
Patterns of Representation in National Capitals and Intergovernmental Organizations
Alan James
Diplomacy and International Society
Paul Sharp
For Diplomacy
Representation and the Study of International Relations

Robert D Putnam
Diplomacy and Domestic Politics
The Logic of Two-Level Games

Raymond Cohen
Diplomacy as Theatre
James Der Derian
Mediating Estrangement
A Theory for Diplomacy

Costas M Constantinou
Diplomatic Representations... or Who Framed the Ambassadors?
Paul Gordon Lauren
Ultimata and Coercive Diplomacy
Susan Strange
States, Firms and Diplomacy
Inis L Claude Jr
Multilateralism - Diplomatic and Otherwise
Volker Rittberger
Global Conference Diplomacy and International Policy-Making
The Case of the UN-Sponsored World Conferences

Christer J[um]onsson and Martin Hall
An Essential Aspect of Diplomacy

Joan M Munn-Rankin
Diplomacy in Western Asia in the Early Second Millennium BC
Raymond Cohen
The Great Tradition
The Spread of Democracy in the Ancient World

Martin Wight
The States System of Hellas
Giri Deshingkar
Strategic Thinking of Kautilya and Sun Zi
Roswell Britton
Chinese Interstate Intercourse before 700BC
Dimitri Obolensky
The Principles and Methods of Byzantine Diplomacy
Jonathan Shepard
Information, Disinformation and Delay in Byzantine Diplomacy
Brian Campbell
Diplomacy in the Roman World (c500 BC-AD 235)
Donald E Queller
Western European Diplomacy
Garrett Mattingly
The First Resident Embassies
Medieval Italian Origins of Modern Diplomacy

Charles Carter
The Ambassadors of Early Modern Europe
Patterns of Diplomatic Representation in Early Seventeen Century

Felix Gilbert
The 'New Diplomacy' of the Eighteenth Century
Richard Langhorne
The Establishment of the Idea and Practice of the International Conference 1648-1830
J C Hurewitz
Ottoman Diplomacy and the European State System
Richard Langhorne
The Regulation of Diplomatic Practice
The Beginnings to the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations

Harold Nicolson
Diplomacy Then and Now
Richard Langhorne
Establishing International Organizations
Erik Goldstein
The Politics of the State Visit
David Armstrong
Revolutionary Diplomacy
Sasson Sofer
Old and New Diplomacy
A Debate Revisited

Rik Coolsaet
The Transformation of Diplomacy at the Threshold of the New Millennium
Richard Langhorne
Full Circle
New Principles and Old Consequences in the Modern Diplomatic System

Geoffrey Wiseman
'Polylateralism' and the New Modes of Global Dialogue
Paul Sharp
Who Needs Diplomats? The Problem of Diplomatic Representation
Andrew Cooper and Brian Hocking
Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Re-Calibration of Diplomacy
Eytan Gilboa
Diplomacy in the Media Age
Three Models of Uses and Effects

Christer J[um]onsson
Diplomatic Signaling in the Television Age
David H Dunn
The Lure of Summitry
International Dialogue at the Highest Level

G R Berridge
Diplomacy after Death
The Rise of the Working Funeral

Jan Melissen
Summit Diplomacy Coming of Age
Karin Aggestam
Two-Track Diplomacy
Negotiations Between Israel and the PLO Through Open and Secret Channels

Mark Leonard
Diplomacy by Other Means
H E Chehabi
Sport Diplomacy Between the United States and Iran
Peter M Haas
UN Conferences and Constructivist Governance of the Environment
Donna Lee
Endgame at the Kennedy Round
A Case Study of Multilateral Economic Diplomacy

Michael Bruter
Diplomacy without a State
The External Delegations of the European Commission

Simon W Duke
Preparing for European Diplomacy?
Richard Langhorne
Current Developments in Diplomacy
Who Are the Diplomats Now?

Paul Sharp
Making Sense of Citizen Diplomats
Strobe Talbott
Globalization and Diplomacy
A Practitioner's Perpsective