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Democratic Vulnerabilities

Democratic Vulnerabilities

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June 2024 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Scholars of democracy around the world have identified several key weaknesses in American democracy, such as an increasingly dysfunctional government and fraying social cohesion, that undermine the regime’s accountability and responsiveness. This volume of The ANNALS focuses on how to provide a practical assessment of the contemporary threats to American democracy, allowing us to think analytically about what brought U.S. democracy to its current state, as well as the prospects for the future.

In this volume, we investigate the following questions: How have long-standing areas of democratic weakness, whether due to institutional arrangements, social polarization, or political processes, made American democracy fragile? Have new developments in recent years further jeopardized or weakened democracy? What might enable democracy to withstand such challenges? How can Americans, despite deep polarization, strengthen and protect democracy? We gather insights on these questions from a diverse and distinguished group of political scientists, including scholars who study the United States and colleagues who study democratic deterioration abroad.

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Suzanne Mettler, Robert C. Lieberman, Jamila Michener, Thomas B. Pepinsky, and Kenneth M. Roberts
Democratic Vulnerabilities and Pathways for Reform
Democratic Institutions: Resilience and Vulnerability
Lawrence R. Jacobs and Judd Choate
Democratic Capacity: Election Administration as Bulwark and Target
Donald Moynihan
Delegitimization, Deconstruction and Control: Undermining the Administrative State
Aziz Z. Huq
The Supreme Court and the Dynamics of Democratic Backsliding
When Mass Politics Fails to Ensure Democracy
Sara Wallace Goodman
“Good Citizens” in Democratic Hard Times
Ashley Jardina and Robert Mickey
White Racial Solidarity and Opposition to American Democracy
Dan Slater
Threats or Gains: The Battle over Participation in America’s Careening Democracy
Cas Mudde
The Far-Right Threat in the United States: A European Perspective
How Spatial Organization Endangers Democracy
Robert Mickey
Challenges to Subnational Democracy in the United States, Past and Present
Suzanne Mettler and Trevor Brown
The Growing Rural-Urban Political Divide and Democratic Vulnerability
Jacob M. Grumbach and Jamila Michener
American Federalism, Political Inequality, and Democratic Erosion
Parties, Movements, and Democracy: Peril and Promise
Lee Drutman
Moderation, Realignment, or Transformation? Evaluating Three Approaches to America’s Crisis of Democracy
Hahrie Han and Jae Yeon Kim
Civil Society, Realized: Equipping the Mass Public to Express Choice and Negotiate Power
Megan Ming Francis
Can Black Lives Matter within U.S. Democracy?

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ISBN: 9781071884195
ISBN: 9781071884201