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Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders
International Studies for the 21st Century

Fourth Edition

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International Studies

September 2021 | 384 pages | CQ Press
Crossing Borders provides a framework for students built upon an understanding of the many borders that define the international system. Renowned authors Harry I. Chernotsky and Heidi H. Hobbs address many of the different fields that constitute international studies—geography, politics, economics, sociology, and anthropology—and give instructors a starting point from which they can pursue their own disciplinary interests. Not only do they develop a better understanding of the world, they also receive advice on how to increase their own global engagement through study abroad, internships, and career options.

This Fourth Edition is thoroughly updated to reflect recent events and trends, including the COVID-19 pandemic; use of social media to interfere in elections; the role of China in trade, investment, and finance; and the tensions surrounding persistent racial and gender inequities around the world.
Chapter 1 • Getting Your Global Bearings: Navigating the World
Chapter 2 • Point of Departure: Planet Earth
Chapter 3 • Jump-Starting the Trip: The Role of Technology
Chapter 4 • Searching for Security: The Political World
Chapter 5 • Challenges to Security
Chapter 6 • Seeking Prosperity: The Global Economy
Chapter 7 • Challenges to Prosperity
Chapter 8 • Protecting Identity: The People of the World
Chapter 9 • Challenges to Identity
Chapter 10 • Managing the World: Cooperation at the Global Level
Chapter 11 • Challenges to Cooperation
Chapter 12 • Connecting to the World: Where Do You Go from Here?


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