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Critical Care Nursing: the Humanised Approach

Critical Care Nursing: the Humanised Approach

First Edition
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Critical Care Nursing | Nursing

December 2018 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Tait and White provide a much-needed introduction to the complex field of critical care nursing for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Covering the essential aspects of critical care nursing, students are asked to consider the biopsychosocial triggers of critical illness, and are walked through a number of different patient scenarios.

Reacting to the Francis Report and other inquiries into standards of care, Tait and White’s humanising approach to critical care places equal emphasis on the 'head, hand and heart' knowledge; evidence, technical and ethical.

The book’s depth of clinical knowledge is built and cemented through extended case studies of critically ill patients with a variety of needs. This breadth, along with the author’s unique approach prepares students for courses and assignments in critical care, as well as preparing critical care nurses for clinical decision making and practice.

A must-have for anyone studying or working in critical care nursing. 

Sara White and Desiree Tait
Humanising Care and Clinical Decision Making in Critical Care
Desiree Tait and Sara White
What Triggers critical Illness?
Sara White and Fleur Lowe
Respiratory Failure
Jonathan Branney and Debbie Branney
Haemodynamic Instability
Sara White and Fleur Lowe
Cardiac Failure
Desiree Tait
Acute Kidney Injury
Sara White and Fleur Lowe
Gastrointestinal Disorder
Sara White and Fleur Lowe
Endocrine disorder
Sara White and Fleur Lowe
Neurological damage
Mark Gagan and Desiree Tait
Legal and ethical issues in Critical care
Sara White and Desiree Tait
The impact of critical illness on recovery and rehabilitation

Highly recommend this publication for nursing students at whatever stage they are at with their studies - very clearly written and highly insightful.

Mr Shaun Kershaw
Petroc, Petroc College
November 30, 2020

Adopted as a recommendated text for the Critical Care Course. The Libarian ordered some copies for each campus

Dr Naim Abdulmohdi
Department of Acute Care (Chelmsford), Anglia Ruskin University
October 11, 2019

Not suitable for course content

Dr Zoey Spendlove
Academic Div. of Midwifery (City Hospital), Nottingham University
September 23, 2019

For instructors

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