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Crime, Punishment and Migration

Crime, Punishment and Migration

August 2015 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In the globalized world an extensive process of international migration has developed. The resulting conundrum of issues when examining crime and migration makes for a bitterly complex and intriguing set of debates.

In this compelling account, Dario Melossi provides an authoritative take on the theory and research examining the connection of crime, migration and punishment.  Through a socio-historical and criminological approach, he shows that the core questions of migrants' criminal behaviour are tightly related to the rules and practices of migrants’ reception within the various countries’ social and normative structures.

Written for students, academics, researchers and activists with an interest in the topic, the book will appeal to individuals in a range of disciplines, from criminology and sociology to politics, international relations, ethnic studies, geography, social policy and development.




Compact Criminology is an exciting series that invigorates and challenges the international field of criminology. 


Books in the series are short, authoritative, innovative assessments of emerging issues in criminology and criminal justice – offering critical, accessible introductions to important topics.  They take a global rather than a narrowly national approach.  Eminently readable and first-rate in quality, each book is written by a leading specialist.


Compact Criminology provides a new type of tool for teaching, learning and research, one that is flexible and light on its feet. The series addresses fundamental needs in the growing and increasingly differentiated field of criminology.

Chapter 1: Crime and Migration, Development of a Relationship
Chapter 2: Crime, Punishment and Migration in an Age of Globalization: America
Chapter 3: Crime, Punishment and Migration in an Age of Globalization: Europe
Chapter 4: The Importance of Legal Status in a Globalized World
In Conclusion: Crime, Migration, Social Change and Innovation

With his characteristic flair and erudition, Dario Melossi elucidates the troubled – and troublesome – connections between migration, crime and punishment, exposing the myths that often pass as facts and showing how globalized market society shapes today’s anxieties about immigrant crime. This brief book is a masterly introduction to a profoundly important topic. 

David Garland
Professor of Sociology, New York University

This compelling volume is encyclopedic in its reach, theoretically rich, and masterfully argued. Through a sweeping overview of the intersection of criminal law, migration law, and economic forces, Melossi paints a broad canvas of the criminalization of immigrants, moving the analysis across multiple historical periods and contexts. The result is a tour de force that will recalibrate debates about immigration and crime.

Cecilia Menjívar
Cowden Distinguished Professor, Arizona State University

Dario Melossi's Crime, Punishment and Migration is a must-read book for scholars, students and practitioners interested in the analysis of the relationship between penality and human mobility. Among many other critical contributions, the book provides a compelling theoretical framework to comparatively examine the punishment of migrants in different countries and continents, and it thoroughly traces the genealogical evolution of the criminological knowledge on the subject.

José A. Brandariz-García
Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology, University of A Coruna, Spain

In this concise, accessible, yet theoretically sophisticated work, Dario Melossi explores a crucial issue facing social justice scholars and activists today—the criminalization of migrations in the Western world. Written in a compelling style that will appeal to academics, students, and non-specialists alike, Crime, Punishment and Migration reminds us that in an age of militarized borders against migrants and refugees, freedom of movement for all should become one of the main human rights issues of our times

Alessandro De Giorgi
Associate Professor of Justice Studies, San Jose State University, USA)

Erudite, acute and effective without sacrificing brevity, this book integrates cues of the sociology of migrations into
criminology, enriching socio-juridical analysis of the relationship between migration, crime and penalty.

Valeria Ferraris
University of Torino
Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia

Given its theoretical and methodological contributions, Crime, Punishment and Migration should be an essential reference for anyone interested in researching the issue of the criminalization of migrants.

Federico Luis Abiuso Review
The British Journal of Criminology

This book by the leading scholar Dario Melossi covers a particularly complicated issue in a relatively simple manner: the relationship between migrants and penalty. A very nice introduction to the particular place the study of migrant population has in criminology. Among its virtues are the insights of a comparative approach with a long historical reach. This reminds us that the processes that trouble us are often not as new as they seem, even when they take new shapes.

Ignacio González-Sánchez, Punishment and Society

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Crime, Punishment and Migration: Introduction

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