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Counselling and Psychotherapy for Further Education

Welcome to Sage, your partner in counselling and psychotherapy education. We believe in embracing diversity in ideas and practices and have been providing top-tier books and training materials for generations. Our mission is to bridge theoretical gaps and foster a global community of compassionate and effective mental health professionals. 

With Sage, you can embark on a global journey of knowledge and become part of a worldwide network of mental health advocates. Explore our extensive catalogue of resources today and join us in nurturing diverse ideas. The richness of our collection mirrors the diverse tapestry of theoretical approaches within counselling and psychotherapy, including topics such as Coaching SkillsCognitive Behavioural TherapyPerson-centred therapyGestalt TherapyPractice tips & resources for counselling children, and much more. 

We are committed to offering unwavering support to countless students across the UK and beyond. Let's work together to transform the field of counselling and psychotherapy. 

Explore our books and order your inspection copies below or reach out to your FE sales consultant