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Core Sociological Dichotomies

Core Sociological Dichotomies

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July 1998 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this sociology text the contributors provide an introduction to the subject without over-simplifying or `writing-down' to their audience. The book aims to furnish undergraduates with the knowledge that will help them to understand and practice sociology and also to develop a self-perpetuating sociological imagination to enable them to think through new issues and new problems.

It consists of a series of specially commissioned chapters around binary or dichotomous themes. Although many sociologists are critical of dichotomous models of sociological theory and research, the device crops up again and again in the history and practice of the subject. Jenks and his colleagues use the dichotomies to situate students in current sociological arguments and topical debates. For example, by examining contradictory pairs of concepts like structure/agency, local/global, continuity/change, students are introduced to alternative explanations for aspects of human conduct over a whole series of issues.

Chris Jenks
David F Walsh
Fran Tonkiss
Sue Stedman-Jones
Les Back
David Silverman
Clive Seale
Helen Thomas
Sue Stedman-Jones
Don Slater
Joanne Entwhistle
Jean Popeau
David F Walsh
Josep Llobera
Paul Filmer
Fran Tonkiss
Chris Jenks
David F Walsh
Paul Filmer
Don Slater
Clive Seale
Paul Filmer
Helen Thomas and David F Walsh
Don Slater

`Chris Jenks and his colleagues from the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths College, London, have compiled an impressive contribution to a growing body of literature associated with the relatively recent resurgence of interest in sociology and sociological theory.... All in all this is a successful text that will almost certainly be extensively used by undergraduates and their teachers. Jenks and his colleagues have produced what amounts to a high-quality introduction to significant empirical concerns in sociology, and to the core theoretical concepts and themes that relate closely to the revitalization and development of the discipline.' - British Journal of Sociology

For year 1 this was not at their level and I found learners struggling. For year 2 and above this may be used as an additonal resource alongside a handbook

Dr shereen shaw
Department of Sociology & Social Work, Edge Hill University
September 27, 2016

Wealth of material covered from across the discipline, but comprehensively organised into abstract themes which break down relevant theories/concepts relating to larger ideas within our culture module. In particular: Culture/Nature; Modernity/Postmodernity; High/Mass, and; Work/Leisure.

Mr Karl Johnson
School of Social Sci, Media & Comms, Queen Margaret Univ College, Edinburgh
January 15, 2016

This is a good resourse text for social science students. It is similar in style and content to a dictionary and thus a good place for students to go for quick and direct definitions and meanings of key sociological concepts.

Dr Daniel McCarthy
Department of Sociology, Surrey University
January 31, 2011

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