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Contentious Politics and Democratization in Nepal

Contentious Politics and Democratization in Nepal

First Edition
Edited by:

September 2007 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
After the restoration of democracy in 1990, Nepal witnessed collective political struggles-identity and gender movements, public protests and strikes, and the Maoist rebellion. This volume examines the causes, consequences and effectiveness of such contentious politics, and their relationship to democratization.

Contradicting the popular thesis that contentious politics generally promotes democratization, this topical book shows that some forms of contentious politics can hinder it, even as other forms strengthen democracy. It also suggests that the nature of activities-whether they are coercive or voluntary-lead to different effects on democratization. A timely addition to the literature on contentious politics, democratization, and Nepal, it will be of interest to scholars studying democratic politics, as well as practitioners engaged in nurturing development in fledgling democracies.

Mahendra Lawoti
Contentious Politics in Democratizing Nepal
Mahendra Lawoti
Democracy, Domination and Exclusionary Constitutional Engineering Process in Nepal, 1990
Shisir Khanal
Committed Insurgents, Divided State and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal
Mary Crawford, Michelle R. Kaufman, and Alka Gurung
Women and Children Last
The Effects of the Maoist Insurgency on Gender-Based Violence

Li Onesto
The Evolution of the Maoist Revolution in Nepal in an Adverse International Environment
Ivan Gyozo Somlai
The Web in the Shadows/Chaayaamaa Maakuraako Jaalo
Anatomy of Stakeholder Influences in an Insurgency

Susan Hangen
Between Political Party and Social Movement
The Mongol National Organization and Democratization in Rural East Nepal

Bal Gopal Shrestha
Ethnic Nationalism in Nepal and the Newars
Keshav Lall Maharjan
The Spread of Theravadin Vihar Buddhism among Newars in the Kathmandu Valley
Genevieve Lakier
Illiberal Democracy and the Problem of Law
Street Protest and Democratization in Multiparty Nepal

Amanda Snellinger
Student Movements in Nepal
Their Parameters and their Idealized Forms

Anne Rademacher
A 'Chaos' Ecology
Democratization and Urban Environmental Decline in Kathmandu

Mahendra Lawoti
Democratization Promoting and Democratization Hindering Contentious Politics
Lessons from Nepal


We learn a great deal about the state of democratization in Nepal from this volume and also learn about the implications it will have for Nepal’s liberal democratic state…The contributions to this volume are carefully chosen, and the interconnections are nicely spelt out...Lawoti’s contribution breaks new ground…he teases out casual relationships between protest and democracy for a country not well understood and largely ignored in theoretical literature…I strongly recommend this volume to all interested in comparative politics and South Asia. Mahendra Lawoti provided valuable insights in a set of extraordinary events that have come to pass in that country while debating democratic consolidation and failures.

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The book presents a balanced view of the role of various political parties and movements in contemporary Nepal.

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