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Poverty, not the “teenage brain” account for high rates of teen crime

Los Angeles, CA. While many blame the “teenage brain” for high rates of teen crime, violence, and driving incidents, an important factor has been ignored: teenagers as a group suffer much higher average poverty rates than do older adults. A new study out today in SAGE Open finds that teenagers are no more naturally crime-prone than any other group with high poverty rates. 




SAGE: a unique publisher

At SAGE, we stand above the parapet and are proud to be both a ‘good’ and ‘skilled’ actor in the publishing industry; we have the international reach and global publishing program of a commercial publisher, yet as the world’s largest independent publisher, owned and managed by publishers rather than financial investors, we can provide the care and tailored approach of University Presses.  We are unique in that our founder and majority owner, Sara Miller McCune, has put in place an estate plan that guarantees our independence indefinitely.

Pricing for new drugs lacks transparency

The system that allows patients rapid access to expensive new treatments lacks transparency and penalises small and low-income countries unable to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

What factors contribute to successful public health programs at community colleges?

Community colleges have become essential in the training of frontline health care professionals, yet little research studies their growth. A new study examines surveys of community college leaders and finds that community colleges must create close connections with community partners in order to provide successful training and employment opportunities for their public health students.