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SAGE Publishing’s premier broad-spectrum HSS OA journal celebrates strong growth on its five-year anniversary

SAGE Publishing is delighted to report that its pioneering broad-spectrum open access journal SAGE Open is marking its fifth anniversary with more than 1,350 published articles that together have been viewed or downloaded more than 3.5 million times. Spanning the humanities and social and behavioral sciences, SAGE Open is a peer-reviewed “gold” OA journal publishing original research and review articles.

How did today’s Washington get so politically divided?

CQ Press examines the pivotal 2014 election year in America Votes 31

Just two years after reelecting President Obama, how did Americans sweep Democratic power from the Senate and give Republicans even greater control of the House? Focused on election results and key data by county and district for the House, Senate, and governors’ elections from the 2013–2014 election year, America Votes 31 is published today by CQ Press (an imprint of SAGE Publishing).

Pediatric and Developmental Pathology set to move to SAGE Publishing in 2017

SAGE Publishing is pleased to announce that as of January 2017, it will begin publishing Pediatric and Developmental Pathology (PDP), the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology (SPP) and the Paediatric Pathology Society (PPS)Addressing diseases that affect the human embryo, fetus, and child, PDP has been a resource for pediatricians, pathologists, and other developmental biologists, physicians and researchers since its founding in 1998.

Truth is in danger as new techniques used to stop journalists covering the news, says special report

London, UK. The truth is being suppressed across the world using a variety of methods, according to a special report in the 250th issue of Index on Censorship magazine.

Physical violence is not the only method being used to stop news being published, says editor Rachael Jolley in the Danger in Truth: Truth in Danger report. As well as kidnapping and murders, financial pressure and defamation legislation is being used, the report reveals.