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Contemporary Leadership and Intercultural Competence

Contemporary Leadership and Intercultural Competence
Exploring the Cross-Cultural Dynamics Within Organizations

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December 2008 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Contemporary Leadership and Intercultural Competence will give students a thorough understanding of the evolving role of cultural diversity in the workplace, become familiar with powerful tools and assessments to measure an organizations's intercultural competence, gain knowledge of optimal crosscultural communications, and be exposed to real-world applications to business, including remediation and training techniques to bring organizations up to par.
Michael S. Dukakis
Introductory Commentary: Valuing the Diversity of a Nation
Part I. Introduction
Michael A. Moodian
1. Journeys Through the Ecological Niche: An Introduction and Overview of the Textbook
Dharm P. Bhawuk, Daniel Landis, and Vijayan P. Munusamy
2. Understanding the Basics of Culture
Carlos E. Cortes and Louise C. Wilkinson
3. Developing and Implementing a Multicultural Vision
Part II. Understanding the Evolving Role of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace
Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe
4. The Effective Management of Cultural Diversity
Martin F. Bennett
5. Religious and Spiritual Diversity in the Workplace
John C. Tobin
6. The Legal Implications of Cross-Cultural Leadership and Trade
Jennifer Palthe
7. Global Human Resource Management
Part III. Applying Cultural Comprehension to Organizations
Janet M. Bennett
8. Transformative Training: Designing Programs for Culture Learning
L. Hyatt, Leslie A. Evans, and Md Manhubul Haque
9. Leading Across Cultures: Designing a Learning Agenda for Global Praxis
Barbara F. Schaetti, Sheila J. Ramsey, and Gordon C. Watanabe
10. From Intercultural Knowledge to Intercultural Competence: Developing an Intercultural Practice
LaRay M. Barna
11. The Stress Dynamic and Its Intersection With Intercultural Communication Competence
Sangeeta R. Gupta
12. Beyond Borders: Leading in Today's Multicultural World
Part IV. Measuring Intercultural Competence
Fons Trompenaars and Peter Woolliams
13. Getting the Measure of Intercultural Leadership
Douglas Stuart
14. Assessment Instruments for the Global Workforce
Charles M. Fischer
15. Assessing Leadership Behavior as It Relates to Intercultural Competence
Mitchell R. Hammer
16. The Intercultural Development Inventory: An Approach for Assessing and Building Intercultural Competence
Mitchell R. Hammer
17. Solving Problems and Resolving Conflict Using the Intercultural Conflict Style Model and Inventory
Linn Van Dyne, Soon Ang, and Christine Koh
18. Cultural Intelligence: Measurement and Scale Development
Dharm P.S. Bhawuk and Keith H. Sakuda
19. Intercultural Sensitivity for Global Managers
Part V. Concluding Thoughts
June Schmieder-Ramirez and Leo Mallette
20. Analyzing Organizations Through the SPELIT Methodology
Marc Lamont Hill
Closing Commentary: The Future of Intercultural Competence in an Era of Globalization
Sangeeta Gupta
The Multiculturally Competent Leader
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"Though not directly concerning education, the text allows students to develop intercultural intelligence that can be applied to any field."

Roger W. Wiemers, Ed.D.
Tennessee State University
Adoption Reply Card

"This text is an asset to any researcher or student of leadership who wishes to advance his or her understanding of the relationship between cultural competency and leadership. This book provides new perspectives on measuring intercultural competencies, assessing leadership within a multicultural context, and numerous examples of how organizations can lead in an evolving multicultural world."

Douglas Crawford
Wilson College

Was too specific for undergraduates in an intro course.

Dr Gloria Smith
College Of Business Admin, Northern Arizona University
January 20, 2015

The book has been adopted, however I have not received my desk copies.

Dr Pamela Hampton-Garland
Human Dvmt Services Dept, North Carolina A & T State University
August 15, 2012

An excellent resource for teaching intercultural leadership. I will use it for both face-to-face and online courses I teach on Leading across cultures in April and August 2010.

Dr Petros Malakyan
Interdiscipline , Azusa Pacific University
February 17, 2010

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