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Contemporary Issues in Sport Management

Contemporary Issues in Sport Management
A Critical Introduction

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December 2015 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Contemporary Issues in Sport Management presents an extensive array of absorbing contemporary issues relevant to managing sport. Internationally recognised scholars have contributed thought-provoking chapters on current global and local issues that are challenging traditional ways of thinking about and delivering sport. This exciting new book is rich in theory and stimulates readers to really think through the associated implications for sport management practice.’

-Tracy Taylor, Professor and Deputy Dean, University of Technology Sydney Business School

Contemporary Issues in Sports Management
 offers a rich and dynamic introduction to the management of sport. An essential companion for all students embarking on a sports management course or module, it draws on research expertise from around the world and integrates these perspectives into engaging and accessible chapters. This book offers:

  • Contemporary and international case studies followed by ‘Tools for analysis’ so students can put the methodology into practice.
  • A range of pedagogical features including learning objectives, learning outcomes and short ‘Thinking points’
  • Useful websites and further reading at the end of each chapter
  • A discussion of up-to-date issues including corruption in sport, sport policy, doping, athlete transgressions and much more.

This book will lead students on a comprehensive exploration of global, national issues, and organizational issues in sport management. The authors encourage critical thought, investigation and the questioning of current practice in order to improve the leadership and management of sport in today’s society.

Ideal for Undergraduate students of sport management, sport business, sport policy, sport marketing and sport development.

Earle Zeigler
Terri Byers
Oliver Rick, Callie Batts-Maddox and David L. Andrews
Chapter 1: Glocal Sport - Impact on Corporations and Institutions
Patrick A. Reid and Daniel S. Mason
Chapter 2: The Commercialization of Sport
Antonio Davila and George Foster
Chapter 3: Technology and Innovation
Wladimir Andreff
Chapter 4: Corruption in Sport
Chris Gratton, Dongfeng Liu, Girish Ramchandani and Darryl Wilson
Chapter 5: The Global Economics of Sport
Gabriela Tymowski, Terri Byers and Fred Mason
Chapter 6: Ethical Behaviour and Values in Sport
Russell Holden
Chapter 7: Politics and Sport Governance
Kevin Carpenter
Chapter 8: International Sport Law
Andrea Geurin-Eagleman
Chapter 9: Media and Communications
Shannon Kerwin
Chapter 10: Human Resource Management in Sport
Danny O'Brien and Ben Corbett
Chapter 11: Strategic Management
Andrew Byers and Dene Stansall
Chapter 12: Animals in Sport
Jiandong Yi
Chapter 13: Sport Policy
Kamilla Swart
Chapter 14: Mega Sport Events
Jason Bocarro and Michael Edwards
Chapter 15: Sport Participation
Mark McDonald and Kirsty Spence
Chapter 16: Leadership
Annelies Knoppers and Agnes Elling-Machartzi
Chapter 17: Gender
Leigh Robinson and Mathieu Winand
Chapter 18: Performance Mangement
Aaron Smith and Bob Stewart
Chapter 19: Doping
David Forrest
Chapter 20: Gambling and the Sports Betting Industry
Elwyn Cox
Chapter 21: Funding for Sport
Andrew Harvey and Haim Levi
Chapter 22: Match Fixing in International Sport
Ian Brittain
Chapter 23: Disability Sport
John Beech
Chapter 24: Ownership
Sebastian Kopera
Chapter 25: Social Media Challenges
Olan Scott, Katherine Bruffy and Michael Naylor
Chapter 26: Managing Social Media in Sport
Jonathon Edwards
Chapter 27: Brand Management in Sport
Stacey Hall
Chapter 28: Crisis Management
Ryan Scoats and Eric Anderson
Chapter 29: Sexuality: Homohysteria and Coming Out in Sport
Joerg Koenigstorfer
Chapter 30: Fan Loyalty in Sport
Terri Byers and Alex Thurston
Chapter 31: Trust and Control in Sport Organizations
Nicolas Chanavat and Guillaume Bodet
Chapter 32: Sponsorship in Sport
Kate Westberg, Constantino Stavros, Bradley Wilson and Aaron Smith
Chapter 33: Athlete Transgressions: Implications for Sports Managers
Christos Anagnostopoulos and Dimitrios Kolyperas
Chapter 34: Corporate Social Responsibility of and through Sport
Terri Byers
Conclusions: The Employability ‘Race’ in Sport Management

Very good reading and perfect for our course.

Mr Sebastian Merten
Business Administration, LUNEX University
August 29, 2018

A very good overview of contemporary issues within sport management; this is a great supplemental text for students undertaking individual projects/assessments surrounding this issue.

Mr Simon Brent
Fbse, Southampton Solent University
February 24, 2016

The book covers a lot of current topics and challenges in Sport Management. However, at the same it is very extensive and therefore only parts of the book can be adopted for the course.

Dr Stefan Walzel
Management , German Sport University Cologne
May 12, 2016

It has not been adopted, but is one of several books under consideration for when the course is going through the next remake.

Professor H. Thomas R. Persson
Management , University of Southern Denmark
March 9, 2016

Dear Sage,

you sent me a book which is not relevant to my teaching; I am teaching Sociology of deviance, policing etc
These websites should explain what I teach


Dr Alberto Testa
Ealing Law School, University of West London
April 29, 2016

Useful chapters on a wide range of topics linked to sport, the media and contemporary society.

Dr Paul Smith
Media Studies, De Montfort University
March 8, 2016

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Chapter 4: Corruption in Sport

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