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Four Volume Set
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August 2010 | 1 808 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Consumption is a core issue for all disciplines studying 'culture and society'. This four-volume set covers such diverse issues as food, environment and housing in terms of society's seemingly insatiable lust for consumption.

Volume One: The Shaping of the Field includes classic and recent theoretical essays of lasting significance for the discipline and for the critique of consumer behaviour, by such influential voices such as Jean Baudrillard and Theodor Adorno.

Volume Two: Acquisition deals with how people get what they consume.

Volume Three: Appropriation draws from anthropology, sociology and cultural studies to expound on the central idea of appropriation, capturing the importance of people 'domesticating' mass-produced and alien products, converting them into items with personal meanings and using and appreciating them for their own purposes.

Volume Four: Appreciation unpacks the frameworks of understanding acceptable conduct grounded in moral and social judgments of symbolic value.

Historical Roots
Consumption and Consumer Society: A contribution to the history of ideas Ulrich Wyrwa
Capitalism and the Consumer Revolution Roberta Sassatelli
The Alien Past: Consumer culture in historical perspective Susan Strasser
Beyond Consumerism: New historical perspectives on consumption Frank Trentmann
Political Economy
The Fetishism of the Commodity and Its Secret Karl Marx
Conspicuous Consumption Thorstein Veblen
The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as mass deception Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer
Playing the Consumption Game Ben Fine
Sociology and Anthropology
The Uses of Goods Mary Douglas and Baron Isherwood
The Habitus and the Space of Life-Styles Pierre Bourdieu
Classification in Art Paul DiMaggio
Perspectives on Consumer Culture Mike Featherstone
Consuming Goods and the Good of Consuming Colin Campbell
The Problem of Style Georg Simmel
Postmodernism and Cultural Studies
Consuming Life Zygmunt Bauman
Liberatory Postmodernism and the Reenchantment of Consumption A. Fuat Firat and Alladi Venkatesh
Consumer Culture Theory (CCT): Twenty years of research Eric J. Arnould and Craig J. Thompson
Delectable Materialism: Second thoughts on consumer culture Michael Schudson
The Human Consequences of Consumer Culture Russell Belk
Commodification and Cultural Economy
The Long History of Contemporary Consumer Society: Chronologies, practices, and politics in modern Europe Frank Trentmann
A Consumers' Republic: The politics of mass consumption in postwar America Lizabeth Cohen
Politicising Consumer Culture: Advertising's appropriation of political ideology in China's social transition Xin Zhao and Russell Belk
Understanding the Flow of Symbolic Goods in the Global Cultural Economy Omar Lizardo
Trying to be Cosmopolitan Craig Thompson and Siok Kuan Tambyah
Poor Chic: The rational consumption of poverty Karen Bettez Halnon
Modes of Provision
Notes on the Relationship between Production and Consumption Alan Warde
Toward a Theory of Consumer Choice as Sociohistorically Shaped Practical Experience: The fits-like-a-glove (FLAG) framework Douglas Allen
Calculation, Qualculation, Calqulation: Shopping cart's arithmetic, equipped cognition and clustered consumers Franck Cochoy
The Poverty of Morality Daniel Miller
In Defence of Consumer Critique: Revisiting the consumption debates of the 20th century Juliet Schor
Production of Culture
Culture as (and after) Production Marco Santoro
Why do Brands Cause Trouble? A dialectical theory of consumer culture and branding Douglas Holt
Body Lessons: Fitness publishing and the cultural production of the fitness consumer Jennifer Smith Maguire
Politics and Ethics of Distribution
Voluntary Simplicity: Characterisation, select psychological implications and societal consequences Amitai Etzioni
Time and Wealth: The role of time and temporalities for sustainable patterns of consumption Lucia Reisch
Virtue, Responsibility and Consumer Choice: Framing critical consumerism Roberta Sassatelli
The Cultural Biography of Things: Commoditisation as process Igor Kopytoff
Consumption and Identity: The cultural politics of shopping Peter Jackson
Consumption and Theories of Practice Alan Warde
Possessions and Performances
Possessions and the Extended Self Russell Belk
Collecting as a Paradigm of Consumption Marina Bianchi
The Use of and Commitment to Goods Kaj Ilmonen
Divergent Narratives in the Imagining of the Home amongst Middle-Class Consumers: Aesthetics, comfort and the symbolic boundaries of self and home Ian Woodward
Music Lovers: Taste as performance Antoine Hennion
Three Ages of the Automobile: The cultural logics of the car David Gartman
A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Household Energy Use Behaviour in Japan and Norway Harold Wilhite H et al
Defrosting the Freezer: From novelty to convenience: a story of normalization Elizabeth Shove and Dale Southerton
Converging Conventions of Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience Elizabeth Shove
Caring Consumers: Gendered consumption meanings and the juggling lifestyle Craig Thompson
Squeezing Time: Allocating practices, coordinating networks and scheduling society Dale Southerton
Fashion: From class differentiation to collective selection Herbert Blumer
Diderot Unities and the Diderot Effect Grant McCracken
Branded Communities Albert Muniz Jr and Thomas O'Guinn
Identity, Mobility and the Throwaway Society Nicky Gregson, Alan Metcalfe and Louise Crewe
Power and Taste
Elite Distinction: Grand theory and comparative perspectives Jean-Pascal Daloz
The Aristocracy of Culture Pierre Bourdieu
Poststructuralist Lifestyle Analysis: Conceptualising the social patterning of consumption in postmodernity Douglas Holt
Changing Highbrow Taste: From snob to omnivore Richard Peterson and Roger Kern
Disentangling Effacement, Omnivore, and Distinction Effects on Consumption of Cultural Activities: An illustration Morris Holbrook, Michael Weiss and John Habich
Differential Appreciation
A Critique of Desire: Distaste and dislike in consumer behaviour Richard Wilk
Highbrow Cultural Consumption and Class Distinction in Italy, Israel, West Germany, Sweden and the United States Tally Katz-Gerro
A Cultural Map of the United Kingdom, 2003 Modesto Gayo-Cal, Mike Savage and Alan Warde
How Blacks Use Consumption to Shape Their Collective Identities Michèle Lamont and Virág Molnár
Culture, Class and Connections Bonnie Erickson
Arts Participation as Cultural Capital in the United States, 1982-2002: Signs of decline? Paul DiMaggio and Toqir Mukhtar
The Question of Culture Consumption and Stratification Revisited Omar Lizardo
Global and Local Culture
Coca-Cola: A black sweet drink from Trinidad Daniel Miller
Local Consumption Cultures in a Globalising World Peter Jackson
Fast Food in France Rick Fantasia
The Practical Aesthetics of Traditional Cuisines: Slow food in Tuscany Mara Miele and Jonathan Murdoch
Alternative Tastes
Income and Happiness: Towards a unified theory Richard Easterlin
Time to be Lazy: Work, the environment and modern subjectivities Eric Darier

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