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Connected or Disconnected

Connected or Disconnected
The Art of Operating in a Connected World

First Edition
  • Micke Darmell - Author, Public Speaker and CEO of Gr8 Meetings
  • Kapil Rampal - Managing Director, Ivory Education Private Limited

November 2017 | 188 pages | SAGE Response

The promise of a connected world…

Democratization, strengthened personal relationships, and all the knowledge in the world available at your fingertips, more or less for free.

And all this regardless of whether you are in India, China, Chile, or Chad.

Indeed, the connected world has changed the premise of what it means to be human, and it will continue to impact lives at a rapidly growing pace in the years to come, both on a personal and professional level. Many organizations take advantage of the “anytime, anywhere office” without accepting responsibility for the flip side. On an individual level we have accepted the promise of the connected world and headed into this new way of living without reflecting and acting upon its ramifications.

This book will advise you on how to handle the challenges constant connectedness poses to our wellbeing—sleeping patterns, close relations, work-life balance, and parenting. It does not discuss whether this is a threat or an opportunity for us, because it is both. What we really need to start discussing is how to handle the new challenges that constant connection brings and when to step out of it in order to tend to our wellbeing. The book concludes that while accepting that we live in a constantly connected world, we at times need to disconnect to reconnect with the world. 

Foreword by Barry Libert
The Global Digital Revolution
A New Culture Rising
Connected-Therefore, I Exist
Physical Impact
About the Brain
Psychological Impact
The Connected Worklife
Disconnected World
What to Do at the Workplace
What to Do at Home and as a Parent
What We Really Regret When We Die
A Happy Life

“This book brings out the challenges and possibilities of the new world we live in.”

Dr Ganesh Natarajan,
Chairman, 5F World

A connected world has opened up all the anticipated opportunities of 24×7 business and anytime anywhere commerce and education. However, with all the positive network effects comes a need to disconnect at times and reconnect with the real world. This book brings out the challenges and possibilities of the new world we live in.

Dr Ganesh Natarajan,
Chairman, 5F World

In a world where truth is scarce, honesty and truthfulness has a premium. We can say the same for Human connection. We’ve gone to war for it, fallen in love for it, killed for it and died for it.

Now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to connect with each other in mere seconds. Text messages, phone calls, e-mail, Facebook messages, Tweets and Instagram photos. If we want to reach out to anyone at any point in our day, we can. We are connected through every cable, wire and WiFi signal in whatever part of the world we live in.

Except we have forgotten how to connect with each other on a human level. We have replaced coffee and tea dates with Skype calls. Text messages for phone calls. Three line e-mails for hand-written letters. The binary code stripping away much of the emotion, leaving gaps and holes for miscommunication. Our blog posts replacing deep, meaningful conversations where we have to look someone in the eye and feel something. Our screens lighting up our faces but not our hearts.

This book will help communicators, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, students, young leaders connect and help make a lasting human connection. This book is about balance.

Anurag Batra,
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, TV Show Host, Angel Investor

Connected world can be a blessing for some but a great problem for the others who feel over-burdened by day-long messages received through e-mails as well as several channels of social media, besides phone calls.

Those who take it as a blessing feel liberated as they no longer have to be tied down to their office or work-place. They can work from anywhere and at any time of their liking. Even the retired people and many housewives are seen using social media to remain connected with their friends and other near and dear through interesting messages on social media, which lessens their loneliness and boredom.

But there are also many who find it difficult to cope with the daily onslaught of numerous messages through various digital media, besides the traditional TV and print media, and phone calls. Many of them, to prevent getting mad, resort to keeping their phones on silent mode and checking their e-mails only when they please, like me. But there is always a fear in their mind, and a good chance, that they may not be available when they are needed the most.

So this book is quite timely as it advises on how to handle the challenges constant connection poses to our well-being, relationships, work–life balance and parenting. It does not discuss whether the constant connection is a threat or an opportunity for us, because it is both. While accepting that we live in a constantly connected world, the book concludes that we at times need to disconnect to reconnect with the world.

Ramesh Chopra,
Chairman, Electronics for You

I can completely relate to Micke and Kapil’s book Connected or Disconnected: The Art of Operating in a Connected World. Having been part of the digital revolution and spearheading our IT business “SAHARA Computers,” I have witnessed the urge to remain continuously connected and how it detaches you from the realities of the world and mentally fatigues you. Without being too critical, the book highlights and alerts you with the challenges of remaining connected. It’s a must-read for the young people for self-correction, who are running a blind race in their lives.

Atul Gupta,
Founder & Chairman, Sahara Computers

In a world full of tension and stress, Kapil’s book explores relationships beautifully. It is a ready reckoner for anyone and everyone who strives to get the perfect work–life balance. Life, relationships, work, career, these will always be complicated, this book is an attempt to clear the chaos and make life less complicated. 

Khurafati Nitin,
Radio Jockey, 92.7 Big FM

“It is never too late to learn new things and to make a positive change in your life. This book will give you a lot of things to consider—both personally and professionally—and hopefully, be the impetus to change not just what you think, but what you do and what you have (be it tangible or intangible) as you journey through an ever changing landscape.”

Barry Libert,
Digital Board Member, CEO Advisor, Founder, Open Matters

This book puts before us the challenges and opportunities of the new world of technology where we live in connected with the wire but forgetting to connect with each other at human level. The book is the need of the hour. It makes an essential reading for all who would like to manage their lives better and use benefits of connected world….The book offers the perspective as to how to handle the challenges constant connection confronts to our healthy life and relationship with work life balance.

Business Manager, 11th May 2018

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