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Confronting the School Dropout Crisis

Confronting the School Dropout Crisis
Insights and Interventions From a Former Dropout

Foreword by Jim Rex

January 2025 | 120 pages | Corwin

Reach out before they drop out

Student dropout rates continue to soar, despite decades of funding, research, programs, and professional development initiatives. This is a wakeup call.

Written by a former school dropout, Confronting the School Dropout Crisis encourages educators and related professionals to discover and explore the sometimes unnoticed reasons that youth drop out of school. With fresh strategies for prevention and intervention, this critical resource includes:

  • How to reach and recover students who are at risk of dropping out or who already have
  • Clear, impactful strategies that better engage and positively impact students who are at risk
  • Moving personal stories from teens and the author

Confronting the School Dropout Crisis invites you to rethink how you address real dropout issues with young people and how to incorporate fresh approaches to better reach and positively impact these students and their caregivers—before it’s too late.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The High Costs of Dropping Out
Chapter 3: The Reasons Students Drop Out
Academic challenges


Chronic discipline problem

Lack of school resources/supports

Technology/social media interference

History of chronic absenteeism and truancy

Bullying/school violence

Family mental and/or physical health issues

Peer influence

Substance abuse issues

Language/racial/cultural disparity

Extreme poverty


Lack of Grit/Resiliency and a Self-Encouraging Mindset

Desire for more personal freedom

Author’s Personal Story

Chapter 4: What We Can Learn From Students
What We Can Learn from Students Who Almost Dropped Out

Insights from Students After They Dropped Out

A Landmark Study

Personal Stories from School Dropouts

Chapter 5: Strategies to Reach Students at Risk of Dropping Out
Addressing Students’ Mental Health Needs

Reaching Students Who Avoid Seeking Out Help from Others

Helping Students Find and Create Connection

Providing Restorative Discipline Practices

Developing and Enhancing a Personal Support System

Small Groups

Student Peer Helping and Mentoring

Home Visits

Encouraging Personal Strengths and Purpose

Starting Early Is Best

Remembering It’s Never Too Late

Peer Support

Author’s Personal Story

Chapter 6: Strategies to Strengthen Dropout Prevention
Chapter 7: Increasing Parent/Caregiver Involvement
Chapter 8: Advice From Former Dropouts
Chapter 9: The Rest of My Story

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