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Concluding Circle Time with Secondary Students

Concluding Circle Time with Secondary Students
A Seven Lesson Programme for 13 to 14 Year Olds

September 2003 | 92 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Charlie has drawn on her experience of working with secondary pupils to produce this book. It provides a developmental series of lessons providing a wonderful programme.

This resource comprises of seven sessions with comprehensive facilitator notes and copiable resources. Topics covered include:

" peer pressure

" individuality

" disagreements

" victimisation.

This book will assist pupils to develop three key areas:

" awareness and development of self

" development of personal skills

" improve understanding of groups and group processes.

The process of Circle Time helps meet the requirements of the Citizenship and PSHE curriculum.

Chapter One
Introduction and Background

Chapter Two
Preparing for Circle Time in your School

Chapter Three
Circle Time Techniques Explained

Chapter Four
A Circle Time Programme