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Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy
Getting the Most from Your PC

December 1998 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Want a quick and friendly guide on how to use all the programs on your PC? Computer Literacy will help you get the most from your computer. Written by two social scientists, this book gives academics, researchers and students the information they need on how to analyze data, format a manuscript, get information from the Internet, and do some basic statistical programming. This indispensable guide offers chapters prefaced with learning objectives;`tips' and `steps' to facilitate important operations; and end-of-chapter exercises to put into practice the chapter's lessons.
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Communication among Computers
The Internet
Word Processing
Relational Databases
Graphics, Sound, Multimedia and Presentations
Essentials of Programming
Statistical Programming
Real-Time and Batch Programming

"Bernstein and Havig provide a wonderful structure, including chapters on computer hardware, software, communication among computers, the internet, word processing, spreadsheets, relational databases, graphics, sound, multimedia, presentations, and chapters on programming essentials, statistical programming, and real-time and batch programming. . . Recommended for new computer users reading information about Microsoft products." 

H.J. Bender
formerly of University of Maryland University College, Choice

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