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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring
Theory and Practice

Third Edition
  • Bob Garvey - Managing Partner, The Lio Partnership, a coaching and mentoring consultancy in the UK
  • Paul Stokes - Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • David Megginson - Sheffield Hallam University, UK
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Coaching | Coaching & Mentoring

December 2017 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing on extensive research and the authors’ own experiences as coaches and mentors, the book offers a critical perspective on the theory and practice of coaching and mentoring.

The Third Edition is split into four parts and has been updated to include the contemporary debates, issues and influences in the field. It features a collection of new international case-studies, drawn from the USA, Africa, Asia and South America, along with an increased emphasis on current topics such as internal coaching schemes, e-technologies and social media.

In addition to these features, there are four new chapters:

  • Perspectives on Coaching and Mentoring from around the Globe – Comparing case studies written by practitioners in locations around the world.
  • The Skilled Coachee – An examination of the role of coachee in the coaching and mentoring process.
  • Question of Ethics – A chapter devoted to the ethical issues inherent in coaching and mentoring.
  • Towards a Meta-Theory – A chance for the reader to conceive new ways to engage with theory and practice.

The book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for instructors and students, including PowerPoint slides, flash-cards and access to full text SAGE Journal articles.

Suitable reading for students on coaching and mentoring modules.

Chapter 1. The Meaning of Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 2. Researching Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 3. Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Culture
Chapter 4. Design and Valuation
Chapter 5. Models and Perspectives on Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 6. Conversational Learning
Chapter 7. Power in Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 8. The Skilled Coachee
Chapter 9. Multiple Learning Relationships
Chapter 10. E-Development
Chapter 11. The Goal Assumption: A Mindset Issue in Organizations?
Chapter 12. Supervision
Chapter 13. Coaching and Mentoring and Diversity
Chapter 14. A Question of Ethics in Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 15. Competencies, Standards and Professionalization
Chapter 16. Perspectives on Coaching and Mentoring from around the Globe
Chapter 17. Towards a Theory of Coaching and Mentoring


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Thorough and well-reasoned, this book presents a clear concept of mentoring from cover to cover. Anyone who reads this work will walk away knowing why mentoring should occur, what it can do for them, and how it can help address complicated contemporary problems. A must-read by all standards! 

Nora Dominguez
President, International Mentoring Association

This seminal guide to contemporary coaching and mentoring practice goes from strength to strength with this important update, where the authors bring all of their collective wit and wisdom to bear on the delights, dramas and dilemmas that the growth of C&M professional practice brings.  This volume demands a re-read for those who immersed themselves in its insights first time around: and would be recommended without reservation to those new to the field. 

Dr Daniel Doherty
Leadership Work and Organisations, Middlesex Business School

This book is essential for mentoring practitioners and scholars. New chapters on ethics and power along with interactive case studies and activities make this a must-have book. A pleasure to read with valuable resources I will use right away.

Laura Gail Lunsford
Director, Swain Center for Business & Economic Services, Cameron School of Business, University of NC Wilmington

My dear friends’ obsession with coaching and mentoring infuses this great updated version of a book that is fast becoming a classic in coaching and mentoring literature. The new structure maintains a pragmatic undertone and pulls together the threads of research, theory and practice in a user-friendly way. In a complex and confusing world, this really is a book to expand the minds and hearts of all students, practitioners or fellow academics to the compelling delights of coaching and mentoring.

Lis Merrick
Managing Director, Coach Mentoring Ltd

This book clarifies what coaching and mentoring are before going on to explore such topics as how to create a culture for coaching and mentoring activities, how to design and evaluate these and different competencies required for undertaking coaching and mentoring. It is presented in an engaging style, with reflection questions to help readers think about application and usage at the end of each section.

Dr Louise Campbell
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
February 1, 2018

I found this book excellent. A useful addition to Train the Trainer sessions. Easy to read.

Miss jacqueline white
Applied Social Studies, univeristy of bedfordshire
December 13, 2017

too specialist in much of its focus for managment students

Dr john simmons
Management School, Liverpool University
November 20, 2017

Coaching and Mentoring is a brilliant trove of support for teachers who are mentoring trainees on the Cert Ed or PGCE pathways. The writing is clear and engaging and the opportunities for reflection are appropriate and useful. The case studies included cover a range of relevant situations which are of benefit, particularly to new mentors.

Mrs Ruth Steyert
English Language Arts, Grimsby Institute of HE And FE
October 31, 2017

Because of the level of detail, clarity and accessibility, this proved to be a popular and worthwhile additional for our HE students studying coaching for the first time.

Mr Ian Yates
City of Bristol College, City of Bristol College
October 26, 2017

This is a very accessible and readable book covering the general principles involved in coaching. It would be an excellent book to accompany and coaching course or indeed as a source of further reading and depth in terms of the ideas a coaching course introduces you to.

Mr Peter Lyon
School of Teacher Education & Development (Canterbury), Canterbury Christ Church University
October 24, 2017

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