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Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks, Grades 4-5

Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks, Grades 4-5
Engaging Students in Doing Math

May 2021 | 320 pages | Corwin
Detailed plans for helping elementary students experience deep mathematical learning 

Do you work tirelessly to make your math lessons meaningful, challenging, accessible, and engaging? Do you spend hours you don’t have searching for, adapting, and creating tasks to provide rich experiences for your students that supplement your mathematics curriculum? Help has arrived! Classroom Ready-Rich Math Tasks for Grades 4-5 details more than 50 research- and standards-aligned, high-cognitive-demand tasks that will have your students doing deep-problem-based learning. These ready-to-implement, engaging tasks connect skills, concepts and practices, while encouraging students to reason, problem-solve, discuss, explore multiple solution pathways, connect multiple representations, and justify their thinking. They help students monitor their own thinking and connect the mathematics they know to new situations. In other words, these tasks allow students to truly do mathematics! Written with a strengths-based lens and an attentiveness to all students, this guide includes:

Complete task-based lessons, referencing mathematics standards and practices, vocabulary, and materials 
Downloadable planning tools, student resource pages, and thoughtful questions, and formative assessment prompts
Guidance on preparing, launching, facilitating, and reflecting on each task
Notes on access and equity, focusing on students’ strengths, productive struggle, and distance or alternative learning environments.

With concluding guidance on adapting or creating additional rich tasks for your students, this guide will help you give all of your students the deepest, most enriching and engaging mathematics learning experience possible.  

This book’s title reveals its promise. Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks offers teachers an abundant collection of practical challenges for engaging their students in building mathematical fluency and developing strategic reasoning—exactly what all Mathematics Standards expect.

Jay McTighe
Author and Educator
McTighe and Associates Consulting

I highly recommend this book, which provides a research-based framework for engaging in rich tasks that are connected to and build on previous mathematical understanding, relevant contexts, and students’ experiences and resources, as well as connecting to mathematics teaching practice. The 54 high cognitively demanding tasks included support the development of important mathematics norms, practices, and concepts.

Robert Q. Berry, III
Samuel Braley Gray Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Virginia

This book answers the often-asked question ‘Where can I find good tasks?’ The authors have assembled a collection of rich mathematical tasks and provided guidance on how to plan and implement lessons around them in ways that will support opportunities for students to learn mathematics with understanding. This book is a game changer for 4th and 5th grade teachers who want their students to do math!

Margaret (Peg) Smith
Emeritus Faculty, University of Pittsburgh

What a resource! The thoughtful and thorough task-based lesson template guides teachers to effectively plan, facilitate, and monitor tasks. I’m delighted to see the focus on planning and on closing a lesson by making the mathematics visible. Read a few of the completed templates for the 54 tasks to recognize the value of this book.

Nora G. Ramirez
Executive Director
TODOS: Mathematics for ALL

Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks, Grades 4–5 is an excellent resource for teachers, teacher educators, and professional development providers who want to engage students in high-level, cognitively demanding mathematics tasks. The book does an excellent job of explaining the why and the how of implementing doing mathematics tasks. To top it off, this book has a treasure trove of rich mathematics tasks for teachers to choose from.

Kyndall Brown
Executive Director
California Mathematics Project

This book is a treasure trove of excellent mathematics problems, accompanied by instructional strategies to support students with opportunities to truly do mathematics and learn new concepts through problem solving. From reading this book, teachers can learn how to notice and amplify strengths in students’ thinking, promote productive struggle, and work toward equity when enacting these tasks. I also appreciated the authors’ ideas for enacting these tasks remotely. I would love to have been a student in a classroom with these tasks!

Amanda Jansen
University of Delaware

In my years of working with teachers in professional development settings, one thing they always ask me is ‘How can we find other great tasks like the ones we did in our session?’ Classroom-Ready Rich Math Tasks, Grades 4–5: Engaging Students in Doing Math is a goldmine for teachers and mathematics educators who want to expand their bank of ‘rich tasks’ with cognitively demanding problems that help students make sense of mathematics while building their sense of agency and identity as a thinker and doer of mathematics.

Jennifer Suh
Professor of Mathematics Education
George Mason University

This book empowers teachers by focusing on critical considerations related to doing-math tasks to promote reasoning and sense making. The lesson plan templates provide detailed pathways and insights for teachers, coaches and administrators to leverage purposefully selected tasks to achieve the standards and engage students through effective instruction.

Farshad Safi
Assistant Professor, K–12 Mathematics Education
School of Teacher Education, University of Central Florida

By integrating the latest research with a powerful teacher voice, the authors have written a must-read for every teacher of mathematics who wants their students to have a more motivating and powerful classroom experience. But the authors don’t simply argue that teachers include high-cognitive demand tasks in their teaching—they take the next steps and actually demonstrate how to plan for, implement, and support these tasks so each student can authentically engage in doing mathematics!

Matt Larson
Past President
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

We’ve all wondered, Where can I go to find high quality mathematics tasks? With useful guidance embedded in the 54 detailed task plans, this book successfully and rightfully responds to the complex mix of expectations that teachers encounter in their short- and long-term planning. The authors cleverly weave together so many considerations for instruction. Grab this essential resource and watch your students flourish and shine as mathematical thinkers and doers!

Sarah B. Bush
Associate Professor of K–12 STEM Education
University of Central Florida

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