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Choices in Relationships

Choices in Relationships

13th Edition
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December 2019 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
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Cutting edge and student-friendly, Choices in Relationships takes readers through the lifespan of relationships, marriages, and families, and utilizes research to help them make deliberate, informed choices in their interpersonal relationships. Authors David Knox, Caroline Schacht, and new co-author I. Joyce Chang draw on extensive research to challenge students to think critically about the choice-making process, consider the consequences involved with choices, view situations in a positive light, and understand that not making a choice is a choice after all. The extensively revised Thirteenth Edition reflects the rapidly changing world with over 700 new research citations, a new feature on how technology effects relationships, revised “Culture and Diversity” features that focus on how choices in relationships vary across different cultures, new and increased coverage of single and LGBTQIA individuals, and more.

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List of Self-Assessments
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Choices in Relationships: An Introduction to Marriage, Family, and Diversity
Choices in Relationships—View of the Text

Theoretical Frameworks for Viewing Marriage and the Family



Differences between Marriage and Family

Research Process and Caveats

Future of Marriage

Chapter 2: Love Relationships
The Meanings of Love Today

Social Control of Love

Theories on the Origins of Love

How We Fall in Love

Love as a Context for Problems

Jealousy in Relationships


Future of Love Relationships

Chapter 3: Gender and Diversity
Terminology of Gender Roles

Theories of Gender Role Development

Agents of Socialization

Consequences of Traditional Gender Role Socialization

Changing Gender Roles

Future of Gender Roles

Chapter 4: Singlehood, Cohabitation, and Living Apart Together

Changes in "Dating"

Hanging Out, Hooking Up, and Long-Distance Relationships


Living Apart Together (LAT)

Future of Singlehood, Cohabitation, and LAT

Chapter 5: Selecting a Partner
Factors Involved in Selecting a Mate

Finding a Partner Online

Moving Toward Commitment


Important Considerations before you Say “I Do”

Future of Partner Selection

Chapter 6: Diversity in Marriage Relationships
Motivations for and Functions of Marriage

Marriage as a Commitment

Marriage as a Rite of Passage

Changes after Marriage

Diversity in Marriage

Marriage Quality

Future of Marriage Relationships

Chapter 7: LGBTQIA Relationships
Basic Terms

Problems with Identifying and Classifying Sexual Orientation

Origins of Sexual-Orientation Diversity

Heterosexism, Homonegativity, Homophobia, Biphobia, Binegativity, and Transphobia

LGBTQ Relationships

Coming Out to Siblings, Parents, and Peers

Same-Sex Marriage

LGBTQ Parenting Issues

Future of LGBTQ Relationships

Chapter 8: Communication and Technology in Relationships
Interpersonal Communication

Gender, Culture, and Communication

Making Choices for Effective Communication

Self-Disclosure and Secrets

Dishonesty, Lying and Cheating

Technology Mediated Communication in Romantic Relationships

Technology and the Family: Cell Phone/Tech Etiquette

Conflict Resolution

Future of Communication

Chapter 9: Sexuality in Relationships
Sexual Values and Sexual Choices

Sex and Gender

Sexual Behaviors

Sexuality in Relationships

Sexual History and Marriage Satisfaction

Being Sexually Safe

Sexual Fulfillment: Some Prerequisites

Future of Sexual Relationships

Chapter 10: Violence and Abuse in Relationships
Nature of Relationship Abuse

Recognizing and Resisting Abuse

Reasons for Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Sexual Coercion, Sexual Assault, and Rape

Abuse in Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

Effects of Abuse

The Cycle of Abuse

Child, Parent, Sibling, and Elder Abuse

Future of Violence and Abuse in Relationships

Chapter 11: Planning for Parenthood
Do You Want to Have Children?

How Many Children Do You Want?

Teenage Parenthood





Future of Planning for Children

Chapter 12: Diversity in Parenting
The Choices Perspective of Parenting

Transition to Parenthood

Parenthood: Some Facts

Child Rearing Theories

Principles of Effective Parenting

Single-Parent Issues

Empty Nest via Emigration of Children

Future of Parenting

Chapter 13: Money, Work, and Relationships
Money and Relationships

Work, Relationships, and Families

Work and Family: Effects on Children

Balancing Work and Family Life

Balancing Work and Leisure Time

Future of Work and Family Life

Chapter 14: Stress and Crisis in Relationships
Personal Stress and Crisis Events

Stress Management Strategies

Family Crisis Examples

Marriage and Family Therapy

Future of Stress and Crisis in Relationships

Chapter 15: Divorce, Remarriage, and Stepfamilies
Definition and Prevalence of Divorce

Deciding Whether to End a Relationship

Macro Factors Contributing to Divorce

Micro Factors Contributing to Divorce

Consequences of Divorce for Spouses

Consequences of Divorce for Children

Prerequisites for Having a “Successful” Divorce



Future of Divorce and Remarriage

Chapter 16: The Later Years
Age and Ageism

Caregiving for the Frail

Issues Confronting the Elderly

Relationships Across Time


The End of Life

Future of the Elderly in the United States

Special Topic I: Careers in Marriage and the Family
Special Topic II: Contraception and STI Protection


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Choices in Relationships is a substantive textbook about relationships; it provides solid information about what students need to understand in terms of relationship theories, being proactive about their own relationship choices, and how to navigate contemporary relationships.”

Rhonda Buckley
Texas Woman’s University

Choices in Relationships covers the first three levels of Bloom's taxonomy of learning. Perfect for a 100-level course. A review of multiple, applicable areas in a college student's life. This textbook is a backbone of knowledge for CDFS majors/minors.”

Dan Moen
PhD, LMFT, CFLA, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Choices in Relationships is inclusive of the LGBTQIA experience and mindful of diversity.”

Heather Griffiths
Fayetteville State University

“Easy to engage a student learner, elaborate and insightful.”

Chara Doyle
M.S.W., Rowan College at Gloucester County