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Celebrating 50 Years of Independent Academic Publishing

Sara Miller McCune picture

2015 is a pivotal year for SAGE as we celebrate 50 years of independent, academic and educational global publishing. Since our inception in 1965, our founder, Sara Miller McCune, has had a vision for SAGE – to play a creative role in society and support the dissemination of knowledge, both in publishing developed and emerging fields, ensuring that we successfully support the changing needs of the scholarly community. This was as true then as it is today, and SAGE is incredibly proud to maintain this spirit.

From our first decades as a publisher when SAGE was credited with being an early driver of research methods, SAGE has expanded from our foundation in the social sciences, into physical science, technology and medicine.  Today, we are the fifth largest academic publisher in the world and the fourth largest in medical disciplines.

SAGE remains fiercely committed to our principles of supporting education, scholarship and academic excellence. Maintaining strong individual relationships with our existing partners while building new relationships remains central to our vision and is a key to our growth. We now publish over 900 journals on behalf of more than 400 leading societies as well as over 800 new books each year.

Yet SAGE is rare among publishers of similar size: SAGE is, and will remain, independent and privately owned. SAGE is unique in that our founder and majority owner, Sara Miller McCune, has put in place an estate plan that guarantees our independence indefinitely. It is something that we are extremely proud of; it enables us to plan with a long-term view, and to invest in innovations that  fulfill our vision of supporting education and disseminating research.

Our 50th year of independent academic publishing is something that we are delighted to be celebrating with the scholarly community. As we look forward to our next 50 years, we will continue to support research communities and widen access to high-quality research in a language and format that best suits their needs.