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Case Studies in Needs Assessment

Case Studies in Needs Assessment

Edited by:

November 2019 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Case Studies in Needs Assessment offers insights about the practice of needs assessment in dynamic, real-world organizations and communities. This book invites both novice and seasoned analysts to look over the shoulders of practitioners, to examine needs assessment practice in action, to grasp the real-world issues that arise, and to understand a variety of needs assessment strategies and challenges. Each case in this book examines the implementation of needs assessment in a specific situation, bridging needs assessment theories and actual practice. The book is organized around five major approaches: knowledge and skill assessment, job and task analysis, competency assessment, strategic needs assessment, and complex needs assessment. The last chapter summarizes lessons learned from all the case studies: it describes the insights and tricks of the trade that Darlene Russ-Eft and Catherine Sleezer gained from commissioning and reviewing these cases.

Darlene Russ-Eft and Catherine Sleezer
Editors’ Biographies
Contributing Authors’ Biographies
Darlene Russ-Eft and Catherine Sleezer
1. Introduction
PART A. Knowledge and Skills Assessments
Candice R. Clark
2. Transitioning From Traditional to Digital: A Knowledge and Skills Needs Assessment for a Community Orchestra Context
Yonjoo Cho, Meina Zhu, Ratrapee Techawitthayachinda, and Ling Qian
3. A Needs Assessment of Online Core Courses for Student Learning in Higher Education
Denise M. Cumberland
4. A Needs Assessment for a Professional Association’s Certificate Program
Jen Geary
5. A Public Legal Education and Information Strategy: Advancing Cybersecurity and Counterterrorism Processes
Sequoia Star
6. Paws-A-Tive Pals: Assessing the Needs of a Therapy Dog Organization
Sequoia Star
7. Small Business Enrichment Training Needs Assessment
PART B. Job and Task Analysis
Tim McGonigle
8. Enterprise-wide Job Task Analysis in a Large Organization
PART C. Competency Assessments
Dawisa Sritanyarat
9. Assessing Needs for a PhD Study Program in Human Resource Development and Organization Development: A Case Study Focused on Quality Development in an Outcome-Based Education Approach
PART D. Strategic Assessments
James W. Altschuld and Molly Engle
10. Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Asset/Capacity Building: The Case of the Westington Schools
N. Anand Chandrasekar and Heather Champion
11. A Strategic Multiyear Needs Assessment: Leadership Development for a Global Firm
Eric Einspruch
12. Needs Assessment in Rural Communities
P. Cristian Gugiu
13. Assessing Needs of a Community College: A Mixed Methods Case Study
Gary N. McLean
14. Needs Assessment for Employee Empowerment in a Large Multinational: A Case Study
Erich N. Pitcher
15. Diverse Students’ Needs Assessment Case Study
Lauren A. Silverstein
16. Spending Other People’s Money Responsibly and Strategically: Using Needs Assessment in Philanthropy
Lindsay Strack
17. Case Study of a Total Rewards Association’s Needs Assessment
PART E. Complex Needs Assessments
Louise C. Chan
18. Needs Assessment at FMP Consulting
Ariel M. Domlyn, Tara Kenworthy, Jonathan P. Scaccia, and Victoria Scott
19. Readiness for Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care: Application of the R = MC2 Framework
Melanie Suzanne Simpson, Ginny Cockerill, Andrea Word, and Derek Koehl
20. Faculty and Student Perceptions of University Course Evaluations
Sandra L. Williams and Kelly A. McGreevey
21. Orchid Candy Company
Lessons Learned

A comprehensive needs assessment book that addresses nearly every type of organization, from local to global, from North America to South East Asia. Clearly structured, with a helpful key Lessons learned at the end. I would use it in my advanced instructional design class. 

Minjuan Wang
San Diego State University

An excellent overview of how needs assessments are formulated in multiple situations and disciplines. The book contains various needs assessment approaches from practitioners in business, consulting, non-profit organizations, higher education, and health care. 

Diane Gavin
St. Philip's College

This book provides educators with a wealth of examples that can be used to illustrate the need --- for needs assessments across all settings

Nikki DiGregorio
Georgia Southern University

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