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Careers In and Out of Organizations

Careers In and Out of Organizations

June 2003 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What are the individual and organizational influences on career choices and adult development?''Careers In and Out of Organizations provides an overview of the changing context of careers and describes the role of interpersonal relationships as influences on development of a personÆs identity and learning. The author examines the nature of the new career contract and the different approaches that have been taken to studying career decision making. He explores how career choices are made, the developmental stages people pass through during the course of their working lives in organizations, and the factors related to career effectiveness including integrating career and personal life. The latter third of the book turns from research to the practical issues involved in applying theory including a look at how an understanding of career dynamics can be employed to make careers work better for individuals and for the work communities where they are employed. ''
Introduction to the Series
1. The Study of Careers
The Changing Context of Careers  
Why Study Careers?  
What Is a Career?  
A Working Definition of Career  
Why Are Careers Important?  
2. The Protean Career Contract
The Nature of a Psychological Contract  
The Nature of the New Contract  
Stages of Adaptation: Three Types of Companies  
Continuous Learning via Psychological Success  
Implications for Organizational Career Management  
Questions for Further Research  
3. Career Choice and Decision Making
Eras of Career Research  
Matching People and Occupations  
Process Models: How Are Career Choices Made?  
How People Choose Organizations  
4. Life, Career, and Learning Stages
Are Career and Life Stages Still Relevant Today?  
Life Stages  
Schein's Model of the Organizational Career  
The Early Career Years: Becoming Established  
Midlife and Midcareer: Maintenance and Reexamination  
A New Stage Model for the Middle and Later Career Years and Beyond: Learning Cycles  
Later Career and Adjustment Into Retirement  
Summary of Developmental Needs in Early, Middle, and Late Career  
Research Issues  
5. Predicting Career Effectiveness: Performance
What Is Career Effectiveness?  
Understanding How the Process of the Career Affects Performance  
Research Issues  
6. The Protean Career Identity and Attitudes
Career Identity  
Career Attitudes  
R.F. Morrison & D.T. Hall
7. Career Adaptability
Why Adaptability Is Critical to Contemporary Career Development  
Observing the Experience of Adaptability  
A General Model of Adaptability  
An Integrated Model of Adaptability  
Questions for Future Research  
8. Managing Protean Career and Life Roles
Early Work: Interrole Analysis and Dual-Career Couples  
Protean Careers and Dual-Career Relationships  
9. Reflection: Self-Development for the Growth of Identity and Adaptability
What is Reflection?  
Reflection: Stereotype Versus Reality  
How a CEO Reflects  
Relfection in the Heat of Battle  
Identity Growth Through Self-Reflection  
Steps for Leveraging Learning Through Reflection and Questions for Research  
10. Toward More Strategic and Self-Directed Careers
The Business Need for a Career Development Plan  
A Strategic Framework for Career Development  
Priorities and Recommendations: Seven Steps to Growth for Career Practice and Research  
Steps for Guiding the Protean Careerist: Questions for Career Self-Reflection or a Career Discussion  
11. Looking Back at Careers in Organizations and Looking Ahead: Toward More Spiritual Careers
Looking Back at Careers in Organizations: Then and Now and Beyond  
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