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Business Statistics Using EXCEL and SPSS

Business Statistics Using EXCEL and SPSS

December 2015 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Takes the challenging and makes it understandable. The book contains useful advice on the application of statistics to a variety of contexts and shows how statistics can be used by managers in their work.' - Dr Terri Byers, Assistant Professor, University Of New Brunswick, Canada

A book about introductory quantitative analysis, the authors show both how and why quantitative analysis is useful in the context of business and management studies, encouraging readers to not only memorise the content but to apply learning to typical problems.

Fully up-to-date with comprehensive coverage of IBM SPSS and Microsoft Excel software, the tailored examples illustrate how the programmes can be used, and include step-by-step figures and tables throughout. A range of ‘real world’ and fictional examples, including "The Ballad of Eddie the Easily Distracted" and "Esha's Story" help bring the study of statistics alive.

A number of in-text boxouts can be found throughout the book aimed at readers at varying levels of study and understanding

  • Back to Basics for those struggling to understand, explain concepts in the most basic way possible - often relating to interesting or humorous examples
  • Above and Beyond for those racing ahead and who want to be introduced to more interesting or advanced concepts that are a little bit outside of what they may need to know
  • Think it over get students to stop, engage and reflect upon the different connections between topics
A range of online resources including a set of data files and templates for the reader following in-text examples, downloadable worksheets and instructor materials, answers to in-text exercises and video content compliment the book.

An ideal resource for undergraduates taking introductory statistics for business, or for anyone daunted by the prospect of tackling quantitative analysis for the first time.
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Foreword: What is this book? How should you use it?
Part 1: Demystifying Quantitative Analysis
Chapter 1: Demystifying Quantitative Data Analysis
Chapter 2: Gathering and Preparing Data
Chapter 3: The Software Environment
Chapter 4: Describing Your Data
Chapter 5: Introduction to Probability
Chapter 6: Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Chapter 7: Sampling and Intervals
Part 2: Introduction to Statistical Inference Concepts and Methods
Chapter 8: Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 9: First Steps In Testing Relationships – Goodness of Fit and Independence Tests
Chapter 10: Correlation and Regression
Chapter 11: Regression Special Topics
Chapter 12: Comparing Two Populations
Chapter 13: Population Variances
Part 3: Specialist Topics in Quantitative Analysis
Chapter 14: ANOVA
Chapter 15: Time Series Models and Forecasting
Chapter 16: Using Statistics for Quality Control




Instructor Resources
  • Answers to in-text exercises and think it over boxes in the book
  • Workbooks
  • Answer books
  • Datasets (including figures & tables files)
  • Videos
Student Resources
  • Answers to in-text exercises and think it over boxes in the book
  • Datasets
  • Workbooks for self-study

This book offers readers huge support in relating theoretical concepts with practical issues. The authors take a caring approach and have a good understanding of what many business students need the most.

Dr Ozren Despic
Lecturer in Management Science, Aston Business School, United Kingdom

This book is taking the challenging and making it understandable. It contains useful advice on the application of statistics to a variety of contexts. I particularly like the focus on decision making and the point that understanding statistics can be useful for managers and help you in your work.

Dr Terri Byers
Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick, Canada

It is a technically well-written thorough text and at the same time easy read, which I am sure will be appreciated by both students new to SPSS and the professionals who need a quick refresh. The book covers the main theoretical concepts in enough depth to be used at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels (especially on MBA and DBA programmes), and at the same time supports the development of the skills needed to use one of the most widely used statistical programmes, not only in the business, but also in other social science disciplines. A read that I do not hesitate to recommend to any eager student of statistics.

Professor Zeljko Sevic, SJD, PhD
Prof. of Accounting, Finance and Public Policy Sohar University, Sultanate of Oman

Quantitative data analysis is explained in a very informative way that is easily comprehensable for many students who are new to research.

Dr Nurdilek Dalziel
Business School, Staffordshire University
June 18, 2016

It is quite easy for students to follow and also contains useful material for them.

Dr Joseph Vella
Communications , University of Malta
June 7, 2016

useful resources and easy to read

Mr Jason John Hettrick
Business School, University of Cumbria
June 7, 2016

A very good starting place for under and postgrad students. Often complex concepts are explained in a plain language making it user-friendly. Highly recommended and already adopted in our courses.

Mr Leszek Wypych
Bedfordshire Business School, Bedfordshire University
July 1, 2016

This is an excellent book which we will recommend to students and I have suggested be bought for the library.

Dr Clare N Hindley
Language and Communication, IUBH School of Business and Management
September 13, 2016

The book covers such a range of topics and is for my class too much focussed on business aspects that I would only confuse my students who are starting very fresh in their career as Sociology students.

Mr Georg Kessler
Department of Sociology, University of Vienna
July 4, 2016

Clear and comprehensive.

Dr Ihab Sawalha
Accounting , American University of Madaba
April 1, 2016