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Business and Professional Communication Playbook

Business and Professional Communication Playbook
Essential Skills for Tomorrow's Workplace

January 2023 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Business and Professional Communication Playbook helps students learn the nuts and bolts of business communication. This book responds to the need for quick studying and reading with each chapter focusing on a single theory, concept, or skill.  Reading aids like checklists, professional tips, engaging examples, and insights from working professionals help teach students of all skill levels how to communicate like a professional. Authors Michelle Violanti and Stephanie Kelly show students that the ability to analyze and adapt is at the heart of effective communication, and every activity encourages students to understand how to cultivate relationships through ethical, responsible, and respectful communication. Focused, bite-sized chapters on the most important topics in business communication, such as interviewing, writing resumes, and leading team presentations will motivate students to read and prepare ahead of time so instructors can focus on skill-building during class. By using this simple and flexible format, Business and Professional Communication Playbook will provide students and instructors with an excellent foundation for a successful Business Communication course. 
Section 1: Foundational Skills
Chapter 1: Introducing Communication
Chapter 2: Listening Skills
Chapter 3: Perception
Chapter 4: Communicating Ethically
Chapter 5: Audience Analysis
Chapter 6: Intercultural Communication
Section 2: Preparing for the Workplace
Chapter 7: Résumés
Chapter 8: Cover Letters
Chapter 9: Elevator Speeches
Chapter 10: Interviews
Chapter 11: Thank-You Notes
Section 3: Presentations
Chapter 12: Building Speeches
Chapter 13: Delivering Speeches
Chapter 14: Team Presentations
Chapter 15: Creating Visual Aids
Chapter 16: Persuasion and Compliance Gaining
Chapter 17: Motivation
Section 4: Succeeding In the Workplace
Chapter 18: Leadership and Followership
Chapter 19: Working in Groups
Chapter 20: Conflict
Chapter 21: Meetings

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ISBN: 9781071802939