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Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Second Edition

October 2003 | 152 pages | Corwin
`This is a must-read for teachers who coach, serve on committees, have families, or do all of the above. New teachers will find that it makes that first year less overwhelming. The time spent to read this book will be recovered many times over. The reproducible pages are an invaluable resource' - Francis M McCullin, Mathematics Instructor, Westminster West Middle School, Maryland

The Second Edition is packed with even more practical, tested ideas and resources to help you "contain" your job and still maintain high standards!

The format lets you browse through the chapters and apply the ideas that fit your immediate needs and style.

The Second Edition now includes over 60 reproducible forms that you can use right away, covering student and parent information, reading and writing coaches, homework, standards for assignments, and supplies, just to name a few. New tips include portfolios, substitute teachers, e-mail, handheld computers, and the Internet.

Chapters provide ideas on how to save time without diminishing quality by:

] communicating effectively-but briefly

] managing materials

] planning the week ahead

] learning to say "No"

] using the Internet to save time

] working with substitutes and volunteers

] creating a filing system that saves time

] avoiding distractions

] treating yourself as a professional

Introduction: Who's Got Time to Figure Out How to Save Time?
1. Working Smarter
2. Communicating Effectively -- But Briefly
3. Managing Materials
4. Planning the Week Ahead
5. Assessing Students' Work and Keeping Track of Progress
6. Learning to Say No
7. Handling Printed Mail
8. Handling E-Mail
9. Using the Internet to Save Time
10. Saving Minutes
11. Handling Student Absences
12. Working With Substitutes
13. Working With Volunteers
14. Making the Most of Meetings
15. Creating a Filing System That Saves Time
16. Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
17. Avoiding and Managing Distractions
18. Coping With the Parts of the Job You Hate!
19. Keeping Up With Professional Reading
20. Treating Yourself as a Professional
21. Resumes/Portfolios
22. Creating a Pleasant Work Atmosphere
23. Discussing Schoolwide Commitments
24. Closing Thoughts
Resources: Reproducible Forms
Reproducible Form 1: Student Information Sheet--Elementary and Middle School
Reproducible Form 2: Student Information Sheet--High School
Reproducible Form 3: Supplies Letter to Students' Families
Reproducible Form 4: Achievement Letter
Reproducible Form 5: Improvement Letter
Reproducible Form 6: Effort Letter
Reproducible Form 7: Phone Conference Letter
Reproducible Form 8: Event Invitation Letter
Reproducible Form 9: Status Note to Parents--Good Performance
Reproducible Form 10: Status Note to Parents--Poor Performance
Reproducible Form 11: Field Trip Permission Form
Reproducible Form 12: Shopping List
Reproducible Form 13: Lending List
Reproducible Form 14: Standards for Narrative Writing
Reproducible Form 15: Standards for Poetry
Reproducible Form 16: Standards for Explanatory Writing
Reproducible Form 17: Standards for Persuasive Writing
Reproducible Form 18: Standards for Assignments Related to Reading of Stories
Reproducible Form 19: Standards for Assignments Related to Reading of Social Studies, Science, or Other Content Area Texts
Reproducible Form 20: Parent Homework Response Sheet--Elementary and Middle School Grades
Reproducible Form 21: Parent Response to Homework
Reproducible Form 22: Homework Assignment--Parent Input Sheet
Reproducible Form 23: Observation of Skills in Group Work
Reproducible Form 24: In-Depth Observation of One Child
Reproducible Form 25: Form for Tracking Permission Slips and Money Due
Reproducible Form 26: Grade Sheet
Reproducible Form 27: Student Pass
Reproducible Form 28: Content Area Reading Practice for Children Who Are Out of School Because of a Family Trip
Reproducible Form 29: Writing Assignment for Children Who Are Out of School Because of a Family Trip
Reproducible Form 30: Use of Substitute Planning Frames
Reproducible Form 31: Substitute Planning Frame--Reading a Short Story
Reproducible Form 32: Prediction Sheet
Reproducible Form 33: Thinking Sheet
Reproducible Form 34: Word Map
Reproducible Form 35: Substitute Teacher Response Form--Reading a Short Story
Reproducible Form 36: Substitute Planning Frame--Reading Science, Social Studies Texts, or Other Nonfiction Materials
Reproducible Form 37: Know and Learn Sheet
Reproducible Form 38: Vocabulary Sheet
Reproducible Form 39: Using What You Know Sheet
Reproducible Form 40: Substitute Teacher Response Form--Reading a Nonfiction Selection
Reproducible Form 41: Substitute Planning Frame--Writing a Story
Reproducible Form 42: Story Planner
Reproducible Form 43: Peer Response Sheet (Fiction)
Reproducible Form 44: Editing Sheet (Fiction)
Reproducible Form 45: Substitute Teacher Response Form--Writing a Story
Reproducible Form 46: Substitute Planning Frame--Writing a Science, Social Studies, or Other Content-Related Piece
Reproducible Form 47: Nonfiction Planner
Reproducible Form 48: Peer Response Sheet (Nonfiction)
Reproducible Form 49: Editing Sheet (Nonfiction)
Reproducible Form 50: Substitute Teacher Response Form--Nonfiction Writing
Reproducible Form 51: Parent Volunteer Form
Reproducible Form 52: Volunteer Notebook--Suggestions for Listening to a Young Child Read
Reproducible Form 53: Response Sheet--Response Sheet for Listening to Children Read
Reproducible Form 54: Volunteer Notebook--Directions for Reading to a Young Child
Reproducible Form 55: Volunteer Notebook--Directions for Talking With a Child About Something He or She Has Written
Reproducible Form 56: Volunteer Scheduling Sheet
Reproducible Form 57: Planning Frame for Training Expressive Readers
Reproducible Form 58: Planning Frame for Training Reading Coaches
Reproducible Form 59: Planning Frame for Training Writing Coaches
Reproducible Form 60: Planning Frame for Training Editors
Reproducible Form 61: Planning Frame for Training Discussion Facilitators
Reproducible Form 62: Directions for Book Binding
Reproducible Form 63: Bulletin Board Artist's Planning Sheet
About the Authors

Praise for the first edition:

"As a primary teacher for 33 years, I thought I had made all the time-management adjustments possible—until I read Time-Saving Tips for Teachers. Now I know you can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’ about conferencing, planning, assessing students, filing, handling absences, and a whole lot more. No more ‘Sunday Night Blues’!"

Marilyn Kirschner, Elementary Teacher
Taneytown Elementary School, MD

Praise for the first edition:

"This is a must-read for teachers who coach, serve on committees, have families, or do all of the above. New teachers will find that it makes that first year less overwhelming. The time spent to read this book will be recovered many times over. The reproducible pages are an invaluable resource."

Francis M. McCullin, Mathematics Instructor
Westminster West Middle School, MD

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