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Thriving on Stress for Success

Thriving on Stress for Success

February 1994 | 152 pages | Corwin
This book explores the links between stress and performance in schools and helps principals actually thrive on stress for their success. Gmelch and Chan explore ways to generate the proper amounts of stress for optimum stimulation and performance: first to stimulate the principals to become effective and second to control stress in order to achieve success.

The first part of the book provides a stress check up assessment and foundation for using stress for success. The second part assists with the problems of rustout and burnout. Self-assessments and coping techniques are provided along with foundations for maintaining peak performance. The book concludes with a compilation of helpful stress resource guide material.

Stress for Success
The Principal's Check-Up

`Principals' of Stress
Principlals Taking Action
Principal Stress and Performance
In Search for Change and Challenge

Going Beyond Your Peak

Maintaining Peak Performance

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