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Telling Stories With Photo Essays

Telling Stories With Photo Essays
A Guide for PreK-5 Teachers

December 2009 | 152 pages | Corwin
Photo essays can document many things, including a historical event, a familyÆs history, science experiments, observations in nature, journeys, field trips, and personal experiences and interests. When children create photo essays, they are able to communicate their experiences and thoughts in an authentic and very personal way.Telling Stories With Photo Essays offers teachers ways to involve children in creating photo essays and discusses the role photography can play in allowing children to communicate their ideas, experiences, and emotions. Educators will discover how to give children the creative means for:Capturing the aesthetics in their environmentDocumenting historical events as well as their own stories and historiesRecording what they are learningBecoming advocates for causes they believe in as they explore the concept of being responsible citizens
About the Authors
1. Photo Essays and Children
Photography and Expression

Children as Photographers

2. Developing a Photo Essay
Photo Essays

Captions and Photographs Working Together for Voice

Thinking In-Depth About Captions


Teachers and Photo Essays

Presentation Formats for Photo Essays

Children Presenting Photo Essays

3. Photographs Tell a Story in History
Creating a Historical Photo Essay: The Freedom Trail

Ideas for Historical Photo Essays

4. Personal History Photo Essays
Sample Personal History Photo Essay

Ideas for Personal History Photo Essays

5. Nature Experience Photo Essays
Sample Nature Photo Essay

Ideas for Nature Photo Essays

6. Field Trip Photo Essays
Sample Field Trip Photo Essay

Ideas for Field Trip Photo Essays

7. Overcoming Traumatic Events
Sample Photo Essay of a Tornado

Ideas for Photo Essays Helping Children Deal With Traumatic Events

8. Career Photo Essays
Sample Career Photo Essay

Ideas for Career Photo Essays

9. Integrating Curriculum Photo Essays
Sample Photo Essay of an Integrated Math Activity

Ideas for Integrated Photo Essays

10. Advocacy Photo Essays
Sample Advocacy Photo Essay on Endangered Animals

Ideas for Advocacy Photo Essays

11. Using Photographs to Interpret the Past; Contributing Author Dr. Gary Fertig
Using Photographs to Evaluate the Historical Significance of Change

Using Photographs to Identify Causes and Effects

Using Photographs to Evoke Empathy

Using Photographs to Initiate Historical Inquiry

Summary and Conclusions

12. Assessment and Rubrics
Resource: Standards Alignment
Bibliography of Suggested Children’s Photo Essay Books

"A beneficial reference to working with photo essays with young children.”

Karen Thomes, Teacher
Indian Island School, ME

“This book demonstrates the power of the photo essay to help children grow intellectually and emotionally. It includes ideas for a wide array of projects along with plenty of examples of projects students have done in different schools and community settings. The fantastic thing about the book is the commitment to teaching that serves every child—a commitment that arises from a vision of democratic learning.”

David W. Romtvedt, Professor
University of Wyoming

"Thompson shows as much as tells what photo essays are and how to use them to enhance and extend children’s understanding of their world. Educators will want this book because of the curricular integration, differentiation, and instruction centered on helping children use all components of literacy, including visual representation.”

Michael Opitz, Professor of Reading
University of Northern Colorado, Greeley

“I really like this book, and I’m eager to use it as a supplement for various methods courses in elementary education and early childhood. I would also use it in a special workshop or seminar class.”

Rebecca S. Compton, Professor of Elementary Education
East Central University

"Countless students will be forever changed by this fascinating text and its message that the immense power of images enables anyone to say, 'This is where I am, this is what I see. Look at my world through my eyes.'"

Suzanne Strempek Shea, Author of Sundays in America

"The authors offer a wealth of ways to engage children in expressing meaning and documenting experiences through photographs. They provide all the practical help teachers need to use this exciting medium to expand children’s ways of perceiving, representing, and thinking about their world."

Carol Copple, Director of Publications and Initiatives in Educational Practice
National Association for the Education of Young Children

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