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Teach More and Discipline Less

Teach More and Discipline Less
Preventing Problem Behaviors in the K-6 Classroom

February 2005 | 160 pages | Corwin
`The book is a comprehensive and practical work addressing the issues of today's classrooms, and it is written by a person well-aware of how demanding teaching can be' - Ole Bang-Larsen, Chief Psychologist and Manager of Special Education, Vicing Office, Braedstrup Community, Denmark

Drawn from the observation of master teachers as well as the author's own classroom experience, this book contains many time-tested ideas, activities and strategies for empowering students while establishing an `invisible' authority that commands respect.

The book takes the guesswork out of organizing and maintaining a classroom environment in which the students fell secure, happy and challenges and in which teachers can teach more and discipline less.

Preface: A Focus on Prevention
Note to the New Guys
About the Author
1. Set Yourself Up for Success
Delivering an Unequivocal Message

Survival Skill Number 1: Classroom Management

Kids Don't Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care

Basic Techniques of Positive Teachers

Standard Procedures: The Unwritten Rules

Suggested Standard Procedures

Together We Make a Difference

Minimize Problems as You Arrange Desks

The Power of a Quiet Voice

Minimize Problems as You Arrange Desks

"Teacher, What Do I Do Now?"

Classroom Rules Are Set Cooperatively

Reminders About Rules

Recognition and Reinforcement

Roundup of Chapter 1

2. Build Rapport With Kids
The Secrets to Their Success

Common Denominators

Two Letters of Welcome

Getting to Know You

The News Begins the Day

An Important 15 Minutes

Can You Risk Sharing Yourself?

Classroom Climate

Yes, You Are a Counselor

The Characteristics of High Self-Esteem

Three Components of Self-Esteem

Building a Sense of Connectedness

Building a Sense of Uniqueness

Building a Sense of Power

Roundup of Chapter 2

3. Develop Effective Strategies
Love Alone Does Not a Classroom Manage

Planning: The Key to Good Teaching

Effective Classroom Planning

Enhance Your Environment

A Better Class Because of Their Ownership

Promote a Sense of Class Pride

Kids Must Risk in Order to Succeed

Mistakes: Wonderful Opportunities to Learn

Look at Something Another Way

A Time to Talk, a Time to Be Quiet

Captain of the Week

Nothing Like a Good Laugh!

Roundup of Chapter 3

4. Promote a Feeling of Cohesiveness
Grouping for Cooperation

Community Circle: Simple But Powerful

Incidental Discussions as Problem Solvers

A Scheduled Classroom Meeting

Kids Suggest Topics for Discussion

Activities to Build a Feeling of Belonging

Kids Discuss Misbehavior

Ready to Work in Small Cooperative Groups

Setting the Stage

Practice Working Together in Groups

Teams in Competition

Roundup of Chapter 4

5. Minimize Problems With Proven Techniques
The Art of Asking Good Questions

Orchestrate Smooth Transitions

The Good and Bad Sides of Praise

Praise the Deed, Encourage the Child

Negative and Positive Intervention

Parents Make a Difference

Guidelines to Send to Parents

Unique Techniques

Rx: Take One Sponge When Needed

"My Best Teacher"

Roundup of Chapter 5

6. Respond to Misbehavior
A Few Inevitable Behavior Problems

Stop a Problem Before It Happens

A Positive Look at Misbehavior

Temporary Compliance

The "Teacher Look" for Small Violations

The Democratic Approach to Misbehavior

When "No" Means "Maybe"

The Downside of Rewards

Beyond Praise and Rewards

Three Workable Systems

Motivating Students to Learn

Excellence in Teaching

Roundup of Chapter 6

References and Suggested Readings

“The book is a comprehensive and practical work addressing the issues of today’s classrooms, and it is written by a person well-aware of how demanding teaching can be.”

Ole Bang-Larsen, Chief Psychologist and Manager of Special Education
Vicing Office, Braedstrup Community, Denmark

“Reider’s book gives valuable and practical ideas used by teachers she has observed throughout the world for preventing disruptions before they start. She proclaims an unfailing faith in the everyday hardworking teacher and presents workable ideas to sharpen teaching skills and improvements for classroom management.”

Joy Heisig, Educational Consultant
California State University, Fresno

“In my twenty five years as a school principal, I have seen many teachers struggle with negative student behavior. This book will help teachers avoid the many pitfalls in classroom management and enable them to create an optimal learning environment for their students.”

Gary Pogue, School Principal (Retired)
Buckeye Elementary, Shingle Springs, CA

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