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Supportive Supervision

Supportive Supervision
Becoming a Teacher of Teachers

April 2004 | 200 pages | Corwin
The Supportive Supervision programme is a proven methodology in improving academic performance and instruction. This book is designed to provide professional assistance and training needs, and written for both beginning administrators and veteran supervisors. Supportive Supervision approaches all facets of instructional leadership in a step-by-step process by offering clear, fully developed, and focused plan as a guide to supervising teachers through countless examples, practical illustrations, realistic situations, sample documents, and useful forms. It is the intent of this book to establish a programme that works in the professional development and instructional improvement of all staff members, and to increase academic performance for all students.
About the Authors
1. Supportive Supervision
The Supportive Supervision Continuum

Goal Setting

Lesson Planning


Professional Development

Extensive Professional Commitment

End-Of-Year Evaluation

2. What Makes a Great School?
The Answer Key

Some Are Better Than Others

Effective Schools

NASSP Research

Instructional Leadership Is the Key

Supportive Supervision Is Instructional Leadership

3. Hiring the Right Teachers
The Challenge

Teacher Shortages

Our Most Valuable Resource

Who Are the Right Teachers?

The Right Stuff

The Ten-Step Program


4. Goal Setting
The Need To Plan

Setting the Goals: A Collaborative Process

Data Analysis


The Strategy


Goals for the New Teacher

Goals for the Marginal Teacher

Putting It All Together

5. Lesson Planning
Planning Should Be Linked To Goals

Your Role in the Planning Process

Supervisory Review

Keeping Current

Planning With the New Teacher

Planning With Experienced Teachers

Planning With Marginal Teachers

Effective Lesson Planning

Two Lesson Plan Designs

6. Observation
Supportive Approach to Observations

Be Supportive With All Staff

The Observation Process

A Complete Example of an Observation Report

The Supportive Supervision Observation Report

7. Professional Development
PD for All Staff

Planning and Flexibility

A Broad View of PD

Use a Variety of PD Activities

Base PD on Needs

PD and Academic Achievement


Written Reports

A Final Word on PD

8. Extensive Professional Commitment
What is EPC?

EPC: Easily Recognized, Difficult to Define

Is the EPC Teacher Realistic?

Hiring Teachers With the Right Stuff

The Five Key Components to Building EPC in Your School

A Successful EPC Story

9. End-Of-Year Evaluation
EOY Evaluation Is a Process

Looking Ahead

In Summary


"This is a comprehensive and exceptionally practical blueprint for school supervision in the 21st century. At a time when national standards for administrative preparation are in the wings, this book should become required reading in schools of educational administration."

John Kappenberg, Director of Research
Sewanhaka Central High School, Floral Park, NY

"This book provides a fresh approach to supervision with emphasis on interpersonal and technical skills. It is a unique blend of theory and practice, written by people who have been in the trenches who describe real solutions and ways of working with teachers and improving solutions."

Gene Geisert, Associate Professor, Department Chair
St. John's University

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Dr Dorene Huvaere
College Of Education, Lewis University
February 25, 2012

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Chapter 1: Supportive Supervision

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