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Simplified Grantwriting

Simplified Grantwriting

First Edition

November 2002 | 144 pages | Corwin
`I have reviewed and indeed written books on grantwriting and this is by far the most comprehensive and clear guide to grantwriting ever. The clarity of direction, including sample pages and charts, makes this a winner from beginning to end' -

Lee Mahon, Professor/Mentor Doctoral Studies,The Fielding Graduate Institute

Santa Barbara, CA

Simplified Grantwriting is a brief, easily-accessible, time-saving guide for teachers and administrators. It is dedicated to providing school staff with effective strategies for writing grants that will leverage resources for diverse stakeholder groups. Effective grant writing can contribute to a school's overall economic growth and to the school community's sustainability. By merging survival strategies for educational grant writing with the best practices provided by national foundation fundraising associations, this book can create a new level of understanding for all educational practitioners in effective grant development with diverse stakeholder groups.

About the Author
The Value of Effective Grantwriting

Organization of This Book

1. A Simplified Process for Grant Development and Implementation
Strategic Planning for Program Development

How to Find Funders

Attending Funder Informational Meetings

Designing Responsive Grant Templates

Creating Diversified Grant Development Teams

Modifying Grant Proposals to Meet Diverse Funders' Needs

2. Marketing Strategies for Educational Program Funding
Customizing the Marketing of a Program

3. Integrated Program Collaborations
Identifying Collaborative Community Partners for Critical Services

Building Collaborative Partnerships for Leveraging Program Resources

Brainstorming With Key Stakeholders for Creating Supplemental Program Services

4. Effective Organizational Strategies and Time Management
Reviewing and Creating a Summary of All Grant Requirements

Scheduling Funder Informational Meetings

Convening a Grant Needs Assessment Meeting

Facilitating a Stakeholder Meeting for Completing a Worksheet Grant Template

Convening Follow-Up Meetings for Grant Development and Implementation

5. Integral Grant Proposal Components
The Grant's Introduction

The Problem and Needs Statement

The Program Design With Goals, Objectives, Activities, and a Timeline

The Organizational Capacity and Experience of Staff

The Evaluation Plan

The Program's Budget and Budget Narrative

The Program's Plan for Sustainability

6. Designing a Responsive Grant Template
Step 1: Reviewing Critical Information for a Grant's Development

Step 2. Reviewing the Grant's Scoring Forms

Step 3: Reviewing the Factors to be Considered for Each Criteria

Step 4: Using Selection Criteria Scoring Weights to Plan the Grant Template

Step 5: Constructing the Grant Template to Respond to Selection Criteria

Step 6: Assisting Stakeholders in Formulating Grant Responses

Step 7: Editing Diverse Stakeholders' Grant Template Responses

Step 8: Identifying and Creating Grant Template Evaluation Tools and Plan

Step 9: Securing Feedback From Stakeholders for Completing the Grant

Step 10: Designing a Template Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan

Step 11: Creating a Follow-Up Template Plan

7. Modifying Program Proposals to Meet Diverse Funders' Needs
8. Establishing a Program Sustainability Plan for Continuous Support
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 "I have reviewed and indeed written books on grantwriting and this is by far the most comprehensive and clear guide to grantwriting ever. The clarity of direction, including sample pages and charts, makes this a winner from beginning to end."

Lee Mahon, Professor/Mentor Doctoral Studies
The Fielding Graduate Institute

 "A long overdue step-by-step guide for schools and community organizations to navigate the complexities of program design and funding. In very succinct fashion, Dr. Burke has condensed her years of experience into an accessible format that can be used by anyone with even a limited understanding of the grantwriting process. Simplified Grantwriting is a must for school and district administrators, as well as service providers, as they respond to the changing educational landscape of the 21st century."

Cambria Smith, Outreach Coordinator
Volunteer Center of Los Angeles

Students were encouraged to purchase to support the learning of Grantwriting. Each section demonstrated Grantwriting in a simplified format.

Will definitely use in future classes!!!

Alisha Bradley

Ms Alisha Bradley-Nelson
School Of Social Work, Florida State University
March 12, 2013

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