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Secrets to Success for Social Studies Teachers

Secrets to Success for Social Studies Teachers

October 2007 | 280 pages | Corwin
In Secrets to Success for Social Studies Teachers, Ellen Kottler and Nancy P. Gallavan synthesize the most practical elements of pedagogy, social studies standards and best practices, and advice from social studies teachers to provide beginning teachers with advice to help them through their first few years of teaching. Following the winning formula they have developed for Secrets for Secondary School Teachers, Second Edition (Corwin Press 2004) and Secrets to Success for Beginning Elementary School Teachers (Corwin Press 2007), the authors provide tips and easy-to-follow lists, sample forms and letters, and much more to help novice educators organize and streamline their work and reduce stress.
Foreword by Jeff Passe
About the Authors
1. Design Your Classroom to Create Communities of Learners
2. Understand Standards to Develop Your Curriculum
3. Make Your Instruction Meaningful to Empower Learners
4. Align Assessments With Objectives to Strengthen Outcomes
5. Connect the Learning to Reach Students' Lives
6. Develop Literacy to Build Social Studies Skills
7. Plan With Students in Mind to Prepare Your Teaching
8. Collaborate With Colleagues to Expand Opportunities
9. Incorporate Resources to Make Social Studies Real
10. Integrate Technology to Enrich Learning
11. Seek Powerful Activities to Engage Learners
12. Reflect on Your Practices to Prepare for the Future
Resource A. Social Studies Textbook Evaluation Tool
Resource B. Sample Social Studies Concepts by Level
Resource C. Detailed Lesson Plan Guide
Resource D. Abbreviated Lesson Plan Tool
Resource E. Social Studies Curriculum Evaluation Tool
Readings and References

"Kottler and Gallavan provide a wealth of valuable material, practical ways, and wonderful hints for beginning social studies teachers to get started, get involved, and continue their own learning."

Stephen Armstrong, Member of the Board of Directors
National Council for the Social Studies

"A very nice contribution to the social studies field, with a wide reach among inservice and preservice teachers. The authors do an excellent job in areas that are often overlooked, focusing on meaningful instruction, powerful teaching and learning, and NCSS standards."

John K. Lee, Associate Professor
North Carolina State University

"Kottler and Gallavan have done nothing less than write the story of a social studies teacher's year in the classroom, starting from the beginning stages of planning and proceeding to cover, with tremendous breadth and precision of detail, every possible aspect of the teacher's job. To read this book cover to cover is to be well prepared to teach social studies in today's classroom."

David L. Moguel, Associate Professor of Secondary Education
California State University, Northridge

“Here are tips based on both the authors’ experiences as social studies teachers and the insights of colleagues, all distilled into a set of tips for formulating meaningful instruction.”

California Bookwatch, April 2008
Midwest Book Review

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