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Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations

Foreword by Joellen Killion

July 2012 | 184 pages | Corwin
A companion and follow-up to Coaching Conversations, this book strives to deepen readers' thinking about the skills of coaching conversations. This workbook of real-life examples for all levels of school leaders will help them think through typical issues they face and give them ideas about new, coach-like ways to respond. Through stories, conversations, and reflections, this text serves as an effective tool for engaging and motivating everyone in the school community to work together to create extraordinary schools places of learning that inspire and engage students to become even more than they could dream. The authors motivate and support school leaders at all levels to make such transformation happen!
About the Authors
Matrix of Stories

1. What is a Coaching Conversation?
Coach Leader Man—Feeding the Hunger! by Vicky Dearing

2. Discovering and Using Your Core Values
From Terminator to Hope Builder by Marceta Reilly

A Yearning for More by Karen Anderson

Courage at the Core by Riva Korashan

Leading With Your Core Values by Dave Winans

3. Building Trust and Community
Better Late Than Never by Linda Gross Cheliotes

Language Matters by Karen Anderson

The Safest Haven by Dave Winans

From Parent Intrusion to Parent Involvement by Diana Williams

4. Holding Up High Expectations for All
Finding Your Leadership Voice by Marceta Reilly

Being Contagious Makes You Better by Karen Anderson

Turning Around a Failing School by Sandee Crowther

5. Changing How We Change
I Want To…But by Linda Gross Cheliotes

The Crucial “Aha” Moment by Gina Marx

Changing a Relationship Through Language by Kathy Kee

Acting out My Future—Life is Just a Performance by Joan Hearne

6. Getting Genuine Buy-In: Framing Expectations to Support Change
Reflected Glory by Sue Kidd

Scoring With the Music Teacher by Kathy Kee

It’s In the Details by Bob Carter

Change Happens One By One by Joan Hearne

7. Engaging in Difficult Conversations
Moving Staff Up or Out by Marceta Reilly

Reflection: A Closer Look by Joan Hearne

A Marginal Teacher Spurs the Evolution of a Coach Leader by Gina Marx

Facing Our Dragons by Kathy Kee

8. Changing Blamers Into Believers
Softening Discipline At the Edges by Marceta Reilly

Caught In the Middle by Reba Schumacher

Nobody At This School Gets Me! by Frances Shuster

9. Everyone is Accountable
Monkey Collector by Linda Gross Cheliotes

Whose Problem—Whose Solution? by Sandee Crowther

Just Call Me Mom by Linda Gross Cheliotes

Middle School Under Attack by Edna Harris

10. Balancing Personal and Professional Commitments
Sitting on a Seesaw by Linda Gross Cheliotes

The 180 Degree Turnaround by Linda Gross Cheliotes

Reframing Balance by Riva Korashan

Running In Circles by Marceta Reilly

11. Navigating Successful Life Transitions
Rewiring by Linda Gross Cheliotes

I Feel Like a Failure by Dayna Richardson

Investing In the Next Steps by Joan Hearne

12. Summary

If you are looking for straight talk about real educational conversations that matter …without the sugar coating and jargon that many educational books contain…pick this one up. It is the real deal; it will make a difference in your mentoring and coaching practice!

Bonnie Tryon, Past President
School Administrators Association of New York

Where was a book like this when I first became a school principal? If I had read a book like this while I was a new principal, I know for certain that I would not have had so many difficult challenges during my first year. This book will be extremely beneficial for all those aspiring to be school leaders and those who are currently serving in a school leadership role. I loved the book and would definitely recommend it to any leadership training academy.

Patricia Bowman, Academic Coordinator
University of California, Los Angeles

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations is beneficial and has some strong recommendations for school leaders to effect change and school improvement. Much has been written on the need to build relationships in the school setting. Coaching staff to excellence is a concept that many leaders can utilize to become more effective leaders.

Rosemarie Young, Principal
Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations represents a collection of leadership behaviors, stories, conversations, and practices from which one can select to reflect on his or her own unique interests. It expands confidence and capacity to support change through coaching.

Mark Turner, Adjunct Professor, Educational Consultant, & Mentor Coach
School Administrators Association of New York State, Latham, NY

Coaching is one of the most promising practices in the reformation of our educational practices. This book explains and exemplifies the essential elements of effective coaching, and brings them to life through a variety of stories that will resonate in some way with every reader. This book is a gift to the field change process in which we are all engaged.

Lynn Macan, Superintendent
Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD, Cobleskill, NY

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations is a book that will not collect dust on the shelf. It is written in a manner that can be used either as a book to read cover to cover or as a quick reference guide to help plan how to deal with unique situations. The book is an easy read, yet very useful for busy school leaders.

Sean Beggin, Assistant Principal
Andover High School, Andover, MN

"The focus on coach leadership principles as they play out in real-world situations makes for a powerful guide highly recommended for any education collection interested in coaching team teaching."

Midwest Book Review, October 2012

“An indispensable practical coach-leader’s guide into how to transform a simple conversation into an intentional and productive dialogue in which the coach-leader engages their staff to take action and achieve the desired results."

The International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching
December 2012

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