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Multi-level Forest Governance in Asia

Multi-level Forest Governance in Asia
Concepts, Challenges and the Way Forward

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Makoto Inoue - Professor of Forest Sociology and Governance, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Ganesh P. Shivakoti - Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

July 2015 | 484 pages | SAGE India

A fresh look and comparative perspectives from various Asian countries on multi-level forest governance.

This book presents the remarkable diversity of policy implementation in forest resource management in 14 Asian countries: five in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan), six in South-east Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos) and three in East Asia (China, Korea and Japan). It explores how effective forest governance can be achieved by bridging multi-level outcomes. Further, this volume highlights the importance of context in defining flexible policies for policy makers, development practitioners and the academic communities of these countries. It also provides assistance to government officers, NGOs and academics based on relevant empirical information on resource management.
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Yukio Ikemoto
Makoto Inoue, Ganesh P Shivakoti and Hemant R Ojha
Multi-level Forest Governance in Asia: An Introduction
Tapan K Nath, Mohammed Jashimuddin and Makoto Inoue
Bangladesh: Do Changes in Policy Ensure Good Forest Governance?
Madhusudan Bandi and P.K Viswanathan
India: Determinants and Challenges of Sustainable Forest Governance
Ganesh P Shivakoti, Birendra K Karna, Ambika P Gautam and Makoto Inoue
Nepal: Evaluating Different Forest Management Regimes
Mangala De Zoysa, W D Lakmi Saubhagya and Makoto Inoue
Sri Lanka: Forest Governance of Community-based Forest Management
Om Katel and Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt
Bhutan: Forest Resources Management and Conservation in and Outside Protected Areas
Mustofa Agung Sardjono and Ndan Imang
Indonesia I: Review of Local Community Dimensions of Forest Policies
G Simon Devung
Indonesia II: Customary Land Tenure in East Kalimantan
Yonariza, Ganesh P Shivakoti, Mahdi, Tri Martial and Yolamalinda
Indonesia III: Characteristics of Forest Management Policy in West Sumatra
A Ainuddin Nuruddin
Malaysia: Governance and Community Participation in Forestry
Juan M Pulhin, Rose Jane J Peras and Maricel A Tapia
Philippines: Multi-tired Forest Governance System on Uneven Playing Field
Edward L Webb and Demis Galli
Thailand: Context and Outcomes of Community Forestry in Two Western Provinces
Tran Nam Thang and Ganesh P Shivakoti
Vietnam: Implications of Community-based Forest Management for Sustainable Forest Governance
Kimihiko Hyakumura
Laos: Local Communities and Involvement of External Stakeholders
Huilan Wei, Ting Zhu, Haiyun Chen and Ganesh P Shivakoti
China: Mechanism Design of Community Co-management in Forest Governance
Koo Ja-Choon, Kweon Deogkyu and Youn Yeo-Chang
Korea: Conditions for Sustainability of Traditional Village Woods Maeulsoop
Haruo Saito and Taro Takemoto
Japan I: Histories of ‘Property Wards (Zaisanku)’ and ‘School Forests (Gakkou-rin)
Hironori Okuda and Makoto Inoue
Japan II: Implications of the Commons for Endogenous Development of a Mountain Village
Ganesh P Shivakoti, Makoto Inoue, Juan M Pulhin, Shubhechchha Sharma, Edward L Webb and Tapan K Nath
Towards an Effective Policy for Forest Management in Asia
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