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Making Your First Year a Success

Making Your First Year a Success
A Classroom Survival Guide for Middle and High School Teachers

Second Edition

April 2007 | 152 pages | Corwin
In this thoroughly revised and updated best-selling handbook, Wyatt and White share what they've learned from more than 50 years of combined teaching experience as well as the insights and advice gathered from the hundreds of teachers they've trained. Making Your First Year a Success: The Secondary Teacher's Survival Guide, Second Edition, presents valuable solutions and strategies for the issues and concerns that have traditionally baffled beginning teachers. Comprehensive yet concise, this updated edition strategically highlights the tools necessary for success and is expressly tailored to secondary teachers. In a style that could originate only from genuine interest and experience, the authors lead new teachers past the obstacles and pitfalls that hold back so many well-intentioned educators.
About the Authors
1. Surviving in School
2. Surviving Requires Working Well With Students
3. Surviving Requires Good Classroom Management
4. Surviving Includes Good Lesson Plans
5. Making Assessment Work
6. Making Technology Work for Enchanced Learning
7. Making Parent Communication Work
8. Making Yourself a Professional

"Provides tools that give new teachers the confidence to face complex classroom challenges. When teachers have a successful first year, they are more likely to return and continue making a difference for children."

Catherine H. Payne, Principal
W.R. Farrington High School, Honolulu, HI

"Provides specific and practical advice, from how to create wonderful lessons to dealing with difficult parents, all geared to the needs of new secondary teachers. I wish I had a similar resource when I started my career in education!"

Catherine Kilfoyle Duffy, English Department Chair
Three Village Central School District, Stony Brook, NY

"A wonderful book for new teachers to get started and for more experienced teachers to reflect on their teaching practices."

Jane D. Adair, Resource Specialist
Long Beach Polytechnic High School, CA

"Blends insights from hundreds of working teachers to create a specific set of tips perfect for educator libraries."

The Bookwatch, October 2007

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