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Literacy Lessons, K–8

Literacy Lessons, K–8
Connecting Activities to Standards and Students to Communities

October 2010 | 136 pages | Corwin
Literacy Lessons, K-8 enables teachers to meet IRA and McRel standards with a broad spectrum of instructional techniques that address all areas of the language arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. The book includes lesson plans and activities as well as projects that will engage and motivate students. Students will also learn how to find information on a topic they are interested in and how to incorporate their own experiences into activities that meet standards. Busy teachers will also find:

- Quick and inexpensive means of creating costumes and props for storytelling

- Ideas to tempt families to engage in storytelling at home

- References to K-8 literature to link instruction with authentic text

- Differentiation techniques for ELLs as well as for students who are working above or below grade-level expectations

Teachers are always looking for materials that make their job easier, and this book provides everything needed to teach literacy lessons effectively.

About the Author
Part I. Lesson Plans and Activities to Enhance Storytelling
1. Reading
Hometown History

Savoring the Setting

Diaries at Daybreak

A Story in a Poem

Postcard Possibilities

2. Writing
If These Walls Could Talk...

Story Letters

Hats Off to the Storytellers

The Story of My Favorite Hat

3. Speaking and Listening
Sing a Story

Making Introductions

Honoring Your Friends

A Picturesque Town

Voices Tell the Story

4. Viewing
Freeze Frame: Storytelling With Wordless Picture Books

Picture Your Life

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Part II. The Arts and Crafts of Literacy: Projects to Enhance Literacy Experiences
5. Costume Corners
6. Puppets
7. Motivating Writers
8. Fabric Crayon Projects
9. Quilting Memories
10. Family Literacy Experiences: Sharing and Preserving Memories
Part III. Literacy Resources

"This is a time-saving treasure with a comprehensive selection of literacy activities. Teachers and administrators will love the variety of lessons that encompass the four major components of language arts literacy instruction. This clear and concise book provides an array of literature choices and related lessons that will be sure to motivate and engage a diverse population of learners.”

Eileen Baker, Supervisor of K-12 Reading and K-8 Language Arts
Cinnaminson Township School District, NJ

"Hoffner has written an accessible and engaging book that provides well-crafted and creative lesson plans with clear directions and well-thought-out assessments. These easy-to-follow lessons provide educators with opportunities to help children meet the standards while enjoying children’s literature and positive interactions. Postcard Possibilities and Hats Off to Storytellers are two lessons that I am looking forward to trying with my students this semester.”

Kathleen Quinn, Professor
Holy Family University

“This book is full of entertaining activities that keep students engaged in using meaningful language in purposeful ways. This text offers great ideas for promoting discussions that encourage children to share family and culture and learn about one another. The lessons provide the language foundation needed to support quality student writing.”

Carol Gallegos, Literacy Coach
Hanford Elementary School District, Lemoore, CA

“This book would be an excellent addition to any educator’s library of resources. I will use these ideas in my classroom next year.”

Elizabeth Martin, Former Assistant Head of Lower School
Garrison Forest School, Owings Mills, MD

“Helen Hoffner’s book offers a good balance of theory, research, and applied material. The connections to the standards are essential. This text provides a framework for helping teachers match instruction to standards.”

Carleene Slowik, Principal
Haviland Avenue School, Audubon, NJ

"This book helps busy teachers, librarians, and youth group leaders plan and implement successful projects with children and their families and addresses educational standards with authentic, memorable activities.”

Grace O’Neill, Associate Professor of Education
Holy Family University

"By using common items and joining them to the community in which students live, real-life experiences will increase literacy and the enjoyment of reading. All of the information and activities are connected with national standards and age levels. Very much appreciated and recommended."

Library Media Connection
May/June 2011, Volume 29, #6

Too limited for college level course. Great for teachers-practical.

School Of Education, Nyack College
April 21, 2011

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Chapter 1: Reading

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