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Higher Order Thinking Skills

Higher Order Thinking Skills
Challenging All Students to Achieve

First Edition

July 2007 | 152 pages | Corwin
Explicit instruction in thinking skills must be a priority goal of all teachers. In this book, the author presents a framework of the five Rs: Relevancy, Richness, Relatedness, Rigor, and Recursiveness. The framework serves to illuminate instruction in critical and creative thinking skills for K-12 teachers across content areas.Each chapter treats one category of thinking skills. A chapter begins with a brief anecdote that illustrates the category, then discusses the skill, presents relevant life questions, and concludes by examining chosen strategies for the three thinking levels.
1. Relevance
About Relevance

The Life Question

Understanding Information--Skills of Comparing and Contrasting

Generating Insight--Skills of Evaluating and Judging

Discerning Implications--Skills of Applying

2. Richness
About Richness

The Life Questions

Understanding Information--Skills of Classifying, Sorting, and Ranking

General Insight--Skills of Visualizing and Imagining

Discerning Implications--Skills of Creating, Innovating, and Inventing

3. Relatedness
About Relatedness

The Life Questions

Understanding Information--Skill of Connecting

Generating Insight--Skill of Forcing Relationships

Discerning Implications--Skill of Generalizing

4. Rigor
About Rigor

The Life Questions

Understanding Information--Skill of Explaining Why

Generating Insight--Skill of Inferring

Discerning Implications--Skills of Sequencing and Predicting

5. Recursiveness
About Recursiveness

The Life Questions

Understanding Information--Skill of Analyzing

General Insight--Skill of Making Analogies

Discerning Implications--Skill of Transferring

Appendix A: Brainstorming and Planning Lessons
Appendix B: Blacklines of Graphic Organizers

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