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Engage the Brain: Games, Science, Grades 6-8

Engage the Brain: Games, Science, Grades 6-8

April 2008 | 96 pages | Corwin
About the Engage the Brain SeriesThis practical resource gives teachers the tools they need to plan lessons correlated to the way the brain learns best. Based on tested, research-based strategies presented in Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain, this book offers a variety of language arts activities that incorporate games to help students make sense of and reinforce learning. These activities give students the opportunity to not only play but also construct and design a variety of games, greatly increasing brain connections to the content. These strategies allow students to master curriculum objectives while actively rehearse information in an engaging, non-threatening atmosphere, which makes a real difference in students' energy, motivation, and achievement.Engage the Brain: Games, Science, Grades 6-8ácontains games based on national academic standards for science, including physical science, life science, and earth and space science. Some games are based on old favorites (Scavenger Hunt, Scattergories, Jeopardy, Taboo, Hot Potato, Bingo, Twister, Charades, 20 Questions) and some are brand new, including:Laboratory Scavenger HuntElement MatchCompound TwisterShuffleboard ShowdownAtomic Marble MadnessEnergy BingoAnimal AdaptationsWho Am I?Genetic TabooHuman Body JeopardyTime Travel CrosswordSpace SecretsEarth Cycles PyramidSolar System ScattergoriesEarth and Space TriviaEach game includes one or more learning objectives, a comprehensive materials list, step-by-step information for the teacher on how to prepare for and play the game, any necessary reproducibles (such as game cards, game boards, scorecards), and follow-up activities for extended learning. The games are presented in the brain-friendly lesson formation, including a focus activity, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and closing.
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Earth and Space Science
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